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 How do i know i have an STD as a lady?

 How do you know youre HIV positive without a test?
without a test, how would you find out you have HIV and how long would it be till you found out?
Additional Details
how long does HIV take to develop into AIDs?

i dont have it,...

 Are they currently trying to find a cure for herpes?

 I am only 15 years old, and i want to help the cause of poverty and aids in Africa.?
But the thing is.. I don't know how. If I'm not down there, how can i help?...

 Question about STD's?
Is it possible to contract an STD when neither partner is infected?......

 Slogans for aids?

 STD from second hand clothing?
I was wondering if someone had an STD and gave their pants to a thrift store without washing them, if its possible for whoever tried them on and wore them to catch the STD? Its a serious question... I...

 What exactly causes AIDS ?
How can one get it ? By what means do condoms prevent it ? And another one ... how do gay's get it ?
Additional Details
Dont the body fluids(discharges , not blood ) just come out ...

 I am so angry, someone I was seeing gave me an STD.?
I know it is my fault for not using a condom, but this was someone who I thought, I could trust. I have looked up the symptoms for gonnerhea, and I know this is what I had. Don't you think this ...

 Question is about HIV/AIDS?
Suppose a woman was pregnant and she has HIV/AIDS how would it affect her child?...

 Herpes: Curse from the underworld or the gift that keeps giving?

Additional Details
I do not have herpes. Unless you count that horrid sore I get around my nose when I get extremely ill....

 What would you do if I said I had the cure for aids and Ill sell you a dose for a million dollars?
Your broke have aids and dyeing I say I have the cure but it cost a million dollars what would you do.
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I would have patent rights before i let anyone know I had ...

 I've been pulling One Night Stands at a bar all week and i just found out i have AIDS? What do i do? HELP!
Please I need all the help i can get....

 Could I know whether someone has STD (like Herpes) or not?
How could I know whether a girl has STDs? For example, Herpes?...

 There are these little bumps down there that itch and i dont know what they are?
ive tried looking in the mirror at them but you cant see them but i can feel them when i take a shower do you think this could be a std if so what is it?...

 What If I had a cut on my lip and was sharing a cigarette with an HIV+ girl? Could I get infected?

If you love someone really badly, and you guys get engaged and everything and you find out he has HIV/AIDS what would you do??...

 My wife showed up with hpv after 8 years of being together.?
My wife showed up with hpv after 8 years of being together.?
My wife and i were trying to get pregnent for a while and she finally did. during her pap they told her she had HPV. She had done ...

 What is a yeast infection?
I'm just wondering what this is because I have no idea what it ...

 Boyfriend wants me to lick him after anal.?
I guess it's a BDSM thing... I'm not sure if I'm into the dominant/submissive thing THAT much... but who knows.

More importantly -- I hear it isn't all that unhygienic (...

What happens to a boy when chlamydia is untreated, and what happens to the girl when chlamydia in untreated?

your privates will fall off in both cases.

u get pregnant and die

don't know about guys, but girls can become infertile, and also get pelvic inflammatory disease.

Boys don't know if they have chlamydia so not sure what happens tothem (but they pass it on to girls so it has to be treated) and it causes infertility in girls so get it sorted out NOW!!'

lucia m
Sorry, but I don´t understand the question, if you want you can explain me better, cause I am from Argentina, And I dont know the mining of "chlamydia" and "untreated"
I leave you my mail: ailus_m93@hotmail.com thanks for your time, and then I could answer your question. =)

men suffer no repercussions for not treating chlamydia however and woman can become infertile and if they manage to become pregnant it will kill the baby men can pass chlamydia even though they suffer no problems from it.....it is easy to treat with antibiotics

Hopefully, they walk into the doctors office together. Then, they both bend over and get their shots at the same time.

I am assuming you mean a couple? If that is the case they keep spreading it back and forth to another!
Get that flagel!

It can spread and reduce your ability to have children.

* Infertility. This is the inability to get pregnant. The infection scars the fallopian tubes, keeping eggs from being fertilized.
* An ectopic or tubal pregnancy. This means that a fertilized egg starts developing in the fallopian tube instead of moving into the uterus. This is a dangerous condition that can be deadly to the woman.
* Chronic pelvic pain. Pain that is ongoing, usually from scar tissue.

It's MEEEE!!!!
If chlamydial infections go untreated, they can lead to more serious health problems, such as infertility. So it's important to take the precautions to prevent chlamydia, and if it's suspected, to seek treatment as soon as possible.

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