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 Free to minimal cost for STD testing?
Is there any places around North Carolina that does STD testing for free or a minimal charge? I called Planned Parenthood and they said it would cost $150 to $170 to get tested for everything. I ...

 Is it harder for females to give males hiv than vise versa?
i was watching this lifetime movie called girl positive and the girl was telling her boyfriend that it would be harder for girls to give guys hiv...is that true??...

 Is this a yeast infection or what???? need advice?
my vergina is very itchy and its only on the outside of my vergina. some discharge.what is this??? why is it so itchy???...

 I think i got aids?
i heard that my boy friend has got aids. and i have slept with him on various occasions without protection. is this serious? and will it affect my unborn baby?...

 Dangers of an Orgy? Threesome?
i am not a virgin but have never been in a threesome, or orgy.

until probably on monday and since ive never done it am curious as to if there is anything i should keep in mind.


 What would you do if you found out you have an STD and are very happily married?

Additional Details
I have not cheated on my husband and he swears that he has not cheated either.

Also he does not have any signs or symptoms of the STD....

 My lover has given someone herpes..?
That most certainly means I have contracted it from him correct? I haven't had any symptoms yet of the herpes virus, but is it possible it could lay dormant for years?...

 Does exchange of saliva results in aids?

 If your bf has hiv (and you dont) can your baby be born with it?

 Can herpes be transmitted through spit?

 Is it right that New York is making it mandotory for HIV testing?
According to this article http://news.aol.com/health/story/ar/_a/nyc-urges-docs-to-do-routine-hiv-testing/n20080627091309990012

Health official in the Bronx wants adults to have ...

 My partner has chlamydia, will I defiantly have it?
We only see each other a few times a year, the last time was a month ago. Since then he had to be tested & has chlamydia. He has slept with noone other than me in the last month so cant have ...

 Serious answers only ... where did STD's originate?
I am by no means a historian, a scientologist, or religious ... I am educated and have always wondered the belief in others regarding STD's ... where did they originate? Why? What is it ...

 Whats herpees?

 Is it true that Magic Johnson doesn't have aids anymore?
I heard Magic talking on t.v. about no longer having aids that it was a blessing from God. Is there a cure?...

 Can i get TB from french kissing someone with it?

 Do you think i am on the risk of catching HIV or any STD?
I splept with 2 diffrend people without a condom.The first one was over a year ago and it was just a random guy that i just met ans the second one wa 6 mounths ago.At first we used protection but we ...

 Hows the best way to tell your dad you need to get tested an STD?

 Should high schools have disease(AIDS) prevention classes?
I am asking this question for a school research paper, so please be serious....

 My girlfriend contracted oral herpes, what should i do?
i'm 16, and i found out that my girlfriend got oral herpes.. I'm just not really sure what to do. Is it a big deal if i get it from her?

bah! i'm ...

Chris J
So I ate this girl out and now my throat has been sore for the past 4 days....Do I have an STD?

=lost soul=
apparently so...you can't put your mouth on everyone....guess you had to learn the hard way.....go to the doctor...!√

mark l

Oh my! I am sorry about that. This sounds like you contracted something .
It could be a fungal infection
Or a viral infection .

To be sure what it is you should get checked out by a medical professional.

Take care and good luck on your diagnosis.
Keep me informed if you wish.......

Maybe, maybe not, you could just be allergic to her ***

Go to MD and get checked out! Probably a Bacterial, viral or Yeast infection? Unknown at this time. Good Luck! PS: Next time use a tongue condom! LO(

Maybe her stuff wasn't clean. LOL
But on a serious note go to the doctor, or a health department (they should be free) and ask to get tested for STDs and explain to them what happening. They won't judged you.

you probably got a yeast infection in your mouth

yes u do, u have 'Sour Tasting Date'

r u being serious, as in u had oral with her, or r u joking???
coz if ur being serious i really dont know, u should ask the girl and see if she had a STD, or get checked out by ur local gp.

Go to the doctor and get tested we don't know

you got the funk..sorry to say.. don't do that stuff with just anyone or any ho..my god listen to the commercials dude.go to the doctors asap.. i hope you dont gotta explain that to your parents..


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