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STd's by sharing underwear?
Okay this may be weird, but my little cousins share underwear... Can they get STD's or any infections. After used underwear they would wash it and then reuse it.....

Colleen Kelleher
Not if they wash the underwear but there is still a chance of catching an infection.

yes u can it is still skin to skin contact

Washing them should get everything out, but watch out for scabies or crabs, I know someone who got those from sharing boxers.

thats gross.......

Rocky Raccoon
They're just little cousins...the underwear is washed....no risk!

But thanks for the laugh!

no, if they're washed it should be ok, but they need to stop that because it's kinda freeky and weird

i/ have/ never heard /it/ to/ happen/BUT/ anything/ is /possible/if /they/ absolutely /have /to have /used underwear/make sure /they are/ bleached/ prior/ to use /in /hot water

If they are washed everything should be A-OK.

it could be possible to catch something even after the underwear are washed.
it's so easy to get a repeat yeast infection that some doctors recommend using a hot iron on your underwear before putting them on. and that's after washing them.
so I imagine there are other things that could still be there after washing.

No they will not catach anything sharing underwear.

should be ok as long as it's washed between each one of them using it. if it's dirty and another one wears them, they could be infected with something.

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