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Gyz Please help me.

Can a poke from Leftover infected syringe cause HIV ?

I got a poke from a syringe used by an infected person, The syringe was few days old.

Is ...

 STD Blood Test - where should I go?
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 Can cold sore spread into your private???
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ur stuck with it forever?...

Picking someone elses Scab Can you get aids?
1.right i picked someone elses scab and then i though right if he had aids would i get it cause there might be some still in my finger nail or somthing im geting worried


2.how long dose aids live out side the body


If the other guy has aids then yes there is a risk that you can get it from him as a scab is just dried up blood.

No you absolutely can't get it from scab picking.
It's transmitted from bodily fluids into the mucous membranes or from blood to blood transfusions including mother to child perinatal transmission.

Don't worry at all :)

Shame on those who said yes :(

and answer 2: only a few minutes maximum. When the blood dries into a scab the virus would already be dead. It cannot survive in a dried state.

why were you picking someone elses scab?

Tuomas MacC
1) Unless you were pouring blood from an open wound under your nail, no;
2) About 30 seconds in daytime, about 1 minute at night (less than 5 seconds under a UV light...)

OMG no you can not..UNLESS....it was like real bloody very recent and you rubbed it against an open wound or something..Hiv is not as easily transmitted as people think

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