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 Has anyone that has HPV ever been cured?
It's so depressing, I just found out that i have precancerous cells and I'm going through alot right now. I don't go sleeping around so It's really fustrating that the person I ...

 Are there dating sites for people who have std?

 Is my doctor right?
My doctor diagnosed me with HPV without any test made. My Papsmear is normal and when i used the cream she gave me which is aldara burned my skin and became cold sores. I changed doctor and Doctor 2 ...

 Can you get herpes from kising?

 OMG... do I have HIV?
I had something in my shoe all day yesterday, most likely a pebble. But suddenly I am wondering if it was a needle, nail, or other sharp object. If that is the case, is there any chance I could get ...

 This might sound silly but my friend just found out she has herpes, she was at my house yest. touching my.....
child and stuff are we at risk if she used the bathroom with out cleaning her hands? or can we catch it off the toliet? please help!...

 If two people dont have stds can they " produce " it?
like say two people dont have stds can they pass something on and make it ? or like does one person have to have stds for the other person to get it ? im 13 and i want to learn about this ...

 What exactly is an STD?
I've heard is everywhere, but I dont really know what it is. ...

 Here's a question about hiv or std?
Lets say I was french kissing and going oral with this guy. How soon after that would I see an HIV or STD appear? If he gave it to me. Just curious thanks for any answers:)...

 I have a friend who plucks his eyelashes. Is this a bad habit, or is there a medical reason why he does it?
He just plucks them when he is stressed so he says, but odd huh....

 Can men receive the Gardasil vaccination??
Even though men don't have a cervix, they are still capable of getting warts.....

 Got stuck from a chair, would I get HIV?
I sat on a padded chair in a public area this morning and something pierced my bum slightly and stuck me. On inspection I realised that it was just a screw from under the chair that screws the ...

 Chlamydia or ghonerhea?

 Where did the HIV virus come from?
We know that the virus came from monkeys, but this leaves a bigger question, where did the monkey's get the virus from?...

 Would you write a reaction paper on HIV AIDS or Abortion?

 Transmit HIV ??
Ok say you have a cut in your mouth and an HIV+ person picks up a piece of food with his fork and you take it off his fork and put the food piece in your mouth. Basically asking witha open mouth cut ...

 If u get a cold soar in ur mouth do you have herpes?

 Do you have oral herpes? Click here please.?
I have been diagnosed with oral herpes and I am on Valtrex. I keep having outbreaks, even though I am on 1000mgs of Valtrex a day. Outbreak after outbreak with no break in between them. I am seeing ...

 Is there a vaccine for HIV yet?
I know if you have contracted the virrus it can't be cured yet but can you pay to have a vaccine which will prevent you from ever contracting it?...

 Where did the aids virus start?
is it true that ut started from chimpanzees? or ...

Is there a website you can go 2 to find out who has HIV/AIDS in your community?

No because that's called an invasion of privacy.

Tina of Lymphland.com
no and it's highly doubtful there ever will be with patient privacy laws and new regulations that come out each year. New York State has strict privacy laws that require medical providers to have patients sign forms as to who can view their records or not, along with the fact you have to show ID to get copies of your own test results.

NO, there is not such a website. Since this is a medical issue, the patients that are diagnosed with this disease is kept confidential.

-:- Masha -:-
Oh my gosh, *no*! People would sue like HELL if anyone revealed that they had AIDS to the whole world.

Although I secretly wish there was such a thing.

Wishful thinking on ur part...

No and even if there were would that make it feel safe to sleep with say girl A? Well, Girl A slept with Boy B Who slept with Girl HIV all in the same week? Would you really rely on such advice of are you looking to knock them all off or maybe harass them some? What a stupid thing to ask!

No hun, that's violating patient priviledge.

If there is, I have never seen it. Some of the local news papers will list the NUMBER of people have ALL STDs but no names.

Good luck. Pops

Hi, No, medical records are confidential documents and can not be released without a patient's signature on a release of information form. That is a patient's right, to have their medical information kept confidential.

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