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 If someone infected with a cold sore kisses you on the cheek can you can you catch it?

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Will I get affected with AIDS? Or Not?

I know how AIDS spread!
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Well, it's funny. It is serious. Suppose you go to a berger shop and order one. While ...

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For the past year i've been experencing some small itchy bumps and if i scratch them they become very painful. I went to two different doctors and one said it look like a irration and the other ...

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 Does hpv go away on its own?
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 CAN I GET AIDS/HIV by boxing someone?
He was all sweaty and bloody
and i heard he had aids.
can i get the disease by boxing him?...

 Wat happens to sumone who has hiv/aids and has not got tested, do they just die are do they die frm being sick
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 Can u get herpes from kissing?
i have a girl freind she want to kiss me but look like she has some kind of feve blister how can u tell if they got a deases on there mouth before i ...

 HIV will be SPEARED by during shaking hands?
one month back i have met my friend during that time i was shaking my hands with him and my palm is havings wounds because of i worked in stone field.I heard now he is having HIV positive then i ...

 What do you think about the statement "good girls don't get STDs"?
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? (or is it simply rubbish)...

 Is there a cure for HPV? If not will there ever be a cure?

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 Can a person contact herpes from touching,somking, or sharing anything together.?

 Is it possible to get an STD if it's the first time for you and your partner?
please no lectures or anything, just answer the question! and serious answers only please!...

 My husband had blood in his pee and has a wierd rash and pain on it, does it mean a bladder inf. or an STD?

 What should i do if i got daterape?

I think my boyfriend gave me an STD. How can I confront him?
At my last checkup the doc said I might have an STD that can affect fertility. I've only ever slept with my boyfriend, so there's no question where it came from (for me, anyway). I know he's had many other girls but he told me he'd been tested. I was tested when we first started seeing each other and was clean. I'm very upset because this could hurt my chances of having kids. How should I ask him to be tested again, and how can I find out if he cheated on me?

first, ASK HIM. Remember, its your boy friend !!!! i supose he will answer you sincerely. May be (Like some people say in the answer in the up) he was the STD before, and result negative in the test, and he is not playing with you.

But, in the other hand, if he did not accept hes responsabilitie, well, thats another history..... Hope this can help u

Ask him if he's been cheating first and then get into details with him.

super glue his pecker to his stomach

Tell him you have an std. The proof is in the pudding. As for finding out if he cheated on you how will you ever know? If you dont trust him then you wont believe him whatever his answer is.

come out and tell him the truth he is playing with your life and acts like he does not care tell him exactly what the doctor told you if he does not believe you get the papers from your doctor you know that you were clean and now you have a disease so you know that he cheated on you what more proof do you need

Well, if you had an std, and was treated, but he was not, than I guess about the time you say no to him, because he hasn't been treated for his std, well, that will prolly do it.

Make a bath for him. When he gets in watch his balls. If the just sink to the floor of the bathtub he didn't cheat. If they kinda float then punch him.

Well if he has an STD it doesn't mean he cheated on you. There is a possible chance he had it before and it just showed up on you. So just don't go accusin him of cheatin yet. A few STDs will not show up until later. Atleast you know who you got it from. Just ask him to go get tested tell him you went to the doc and tell him what he said and what it was and he can go get tested.

You seem to have your facts in order. You need to tell him what has happened, and how he needs to be tested. If he gives you any kind of fight about it, get rid of him and his nasty lying azz.

The right and only thing he should do is say "ok I will get tested and then apologize for giving you an STD and fall on your mercies.

If he argues that you got it from someone else, that you must have already had it, or any other BS reason why he doesn't need to get tested he is a liar. He gave it to you and h is embarrassed that he has an STD and is busted.

First find out IF you have a STD and if so which one. If it is a curable STD then you fertility could improve with treatment. Also as someone who has been treated for infertility I can say that your doctor should not say your fertility is impaired without further testing. Get more information from your doctor first, before going to your boyfriend.

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