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 Since there are cures for AIDS why do celebrities still ask for money to find a cure?

 How many people will admit it?
How many people will aditt to having HPV, knowing somone with HPV, or that they might have HPV.

Statiscts say 3 out of 4 people will have it in there life. That by the time a woman is 50 ...

 Can u get infected wit HIV through saliva?

 Getting tested for STDs?
Can your doctor or family planning clinc test you for ALL STDs?
And can they do it all at once, on the same day, or do you have to have different tests seperatly?...

 AIDS from needle??????
I got several emails that here or there a peron get infected by a needel in chair of bus/cinema hall?but technically i heard HIV virus cann't survive in open air.
can one get infected to HIV...

 Can I get gential herpes if I kissed my boyfriend and he ate me out. And I had a cold sore when I kissed him.?
but he doesn't have any blister or anything. And if I touched my cold sore and accidently scratched my gential area without washing my hand can I possibly get gential herpes from HSV1?...

 If a person already diagnosed with HPv can they still get the Gardasil shot?

 How did u get AIDS?
q for health class?
Additional Details
i literaaly meant UUUUU...

 Can you get AIDS from someone who has tested negative?
I understand that AIDs can only be accurately tested after 6 months, although some as early as 25 days after infection. If the infection level is too low to be detected, can it still be spread as ...

 What are the simptoms of STD?

 What would you think if i told you i was hiv+?

 Had a std test, it came back that i have a trace of gonorrhea,either false positive or first signs?
had a test, the result says there is a 'trace of gonorrhea' they said this means that its either a false positive, or its in the first stages and i have only just got it.
i now have ...

 I requested my ex partners std results?
he told me he had been tested but that everything came back negative and then he told me no I could not see the results, yet I ended up with a std ( and i didn't sleep with anyone before him, ...

 Crabs??? i think i have it?
ok so i think i have crabs i cant see anything but i think it is does anyone know what kind of over the counter meds i can buy i have no heath insurace at all i need ...

 Can a mosquito give you aids or hiv?

 Are hpv warts?
more cancerous than the others?? and how harmful are these warts?...

 Question about Gohneria....?
so my boy friend got Gohnerria so i went and got my urine tested and the doctor said it was clear. Is there a way my bf got it through me with out me having it? or should i be tested another way ...

 DOing a survey , r u a virgin?
i need to do a survey , for an aids/hiv thing, whatever, and i need u to answer these questions:

Does anyone in your family have hiv/aids?
Does it run in your family?
Do you have ...

 What is the difference between HIV infected and AIDS infected person?

 Is it weird that im too scared to ever take an aids test?
i dont think i want to know if i do or i dont have aids...im scared .. even if i do have aids im going to die .. who wants to know that???...

I just found out that i am hiv postive.Im scared,can anyone give me some advice about whats going to happen.?
i found out a week ago and i want some advie from some one who has gone through the same thing
Additional Details
im 21 years old

yes n
sounds like deadsville for you mate!

take care of ur sefe an come home ples call me

I have HSV2 and HPV, but I don't have HIV. I know you must be scared. I think there are support groups so you can get advice from people in the same situation. There are also dating sites for people with STDs (I have included some links below). Good luck and God bless.

i dont have it but i did some study on it, i believe HIV is human immunodeficiency virus and if HIV gets our of hand in a persons body, then it could turn into AIDS (advance immuno deficiency syndrome) but im not completly certain on this... but i hope that you stay well...

I just want you to know that God truely and sincerely loves you, and that I dont have an answer but God does. There are support groups also where there are people experiencing the same things. But know, that God is a healer. And My prayer is that you are content and comforted by the letters, by the support of your family. And inspite of all else know that God loves you and that he looks past all your faults and sees your needs and you are not alone. May God bless you. Be strong and be of good courage for there are so many people that love you
God Bless You

O.k. my sister has HIV. Thank God it's not the death sentence it was 20 years ago. We (well, not me, I'm not a scientist lol) have made progress.

I want you to know that Y!A is not the place to ask for advise, at least not yet. Some people are totally ignorant and have no clue of the advancements in HIV therapies.

My sister has HIV, and let me tell you if you think for one second that HIV stops her living her life that she was living before HIV, everyone, including HIV has another thing coming lol.

Whats going to happen you ask?

You are going to go for some tests (you are going to be seeing a lot of the doctor for the first few weeks)
They just want to see your levels, and your counts to determine if you should start therapy.

Should you need to start therapy, there are tons of different meds out there. Gone are the days of 10 pills twice daily at the same time everyday. They now have one-a-day therapies.

The sooner you start is the sooner you back that ***** into a corner and show it who's boss....so to speak lol I couldn't resist saying it! These meds have been so helpful, that sometimes your levels go undetectable and your doctor may advise a drug holiday (a period of time off of your meds.)

If you don't have to start right away, try and keep it that way as long as its safe to do so. Drink Green Tea (studies have shown that Green Tea helps in preventing the Virus to adhere to your CD4 cells) take your vitamins, exercise, eat healthy and try to stay away from sick people, laugh all the time and remember you are not alone.

You'll be o.k.....It would be more effective if i could hug you and say that so here's my cyber hug.

Take care

Oh, here's this website my sis' just gave me, It looks cool.


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