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 Can you give blood if you have a disease?
My friend is trying to tell me my boyfriend has like a std, or somthing. But he donates bloods and stuff so how can he?

Like i thought if you have aids, or somthing
You can'...

 Is there a connection between HPV and HIV?

 Is there a list of people who are infected with HIV?

 Clyamidia results...?
I went to the doctors because I was having some problems. Doctor said I may have clyamidia gave me antibiotics. I ws upset and angry because I have been faithful to my bf. I tell my bf he is upset ...

 Warts, are they Contagious?
So I had taken my 2 year old daughter to a public childrens play area, and this boy comes up to me and asked me if I knew what warts were and then showed me that he had several on his hands, and as ...

 K this is a strange question?
if a hiv infected friend and you eat at hes house and you cooks you a meal and you eat it have you been put at serouly bad risk ofrt getting hiv or ...

 I have a bump in my private, what can it be?
Ok, I have been with this guy for a while. We use protection and all but today i realized that i had a big bump. I am really scared. What can it be?? It looks like a swollen bite mark but its not. I...

 Can Chlamydia be cured with a one time treatment?
What is the Best Treatment for C...

 Where did hiv start?

 Can I get HIV if someone gives me a b.l.o.w.j.o.b?

 Chlamydia doesnt seem to go away?
I was tested positive with chlamydia about 3 days ago after I went to doctor because of my itchy urthera.

He put me on anti-biotics that should kill the bacteria. But mid-way through I am ...

 Am I too old for the HPV vaccine?
I have the high risk HPV type but there are so many of them. Wouldn't it be better to protect myself from getting even more strains?
I'm 31....

 HPV Virus??? Does anyone else have this?
I would like to talk to someone who has this and has been treated. I have it and have had the freezing done and I guess it didn't work. I don't know what to do, I don't want to go ...

 It is possible to get Gonorrhea?
it is possible to get Gohorrhea from a toilet seat for from casual contact with someone else...if so, what is the probability?...

 My puppy has a green bump full of puss on his mouth and my firend kiss him could it be and std or more serios?

 Please help aids problem?
i went to a clinic and they told me i have aids help me i am ...

 How can you know if you have hiv or aids?

 Why am I not eligible for HPV vaccine?
Doc says that I am too old(33) to receive HPV vaccine. I have a family history of cervical cancer, and I currently do not have HPV. Should I not be able to protect myself? How can I get ahold of ...

 Can you tell if herpes was given by a specific individual?
If someone gets herpes and they have slept with many individuals, and maybe two of the seven have herpes. Can it be proven which one gave you the herpes beyond a reasonable doubt....

 Is human papilloma virus curable? can you get cured by it i know AIDs is not curable but is HPV?

I have herpes.. will I ever be able to have a normal relationship again...?
I was 17... he even got me pregnant.... I'm 24 now & i have not been with anyone in anyway since... my starting to go into a deep depression...I'm mad at myself but at the same time I still feel like a victim.. will I ever be able to move forward with my life???
Additional Details
I've only had 1 so called flare up.. I was 17 and my mom had to take me to the doctors... we've never talked about it since..now that I'm old enough.. can I get these record from the original hospital??

Its up to you to forgive yourself. How could you at 17 have done anything different? 17 is an age where we are so innocent and naive. You learned a hard lesson,but let that lesson educate other young girls. Every chance you can!!
Yes, many men and women are having normal relationships,with one partner having Herpes or both. It is being honest with the guy from the start. There are decent young men out there. Give them a chance.

There are dating websites for people with herpes.

Even this is make you feel unhappy but remember this much better than AIDS. When you feel depressed God comfort you. When you feel lonely God will talk to you. When people around you hate you but God still love you. Yesterday just are sweet memories!

I don't see why not, it might make things a bit more difficult, but by no means impossible. As long as you take care of yourself, you can have a perfectly normal relationship.

There's probably a community online that caters to singles with herpes much in a way there's plenty that cater to people with HIV/AIDS, if you're looking for likeminded people.

Yes, just take some Valtrex, control those flare ups, and then go kayaking and mountain climbing with your new boyfriend or maybe husband.

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