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 Do you think pepole still dont take hiv serious?

 Can a poke from Leftover infected syringe cause HIV ?
Gyz Please help me.

Can a poke from Leftover infected syringe cause HIV ?

I got a poke from a syringe used by an infected person, The syringe was few days old.

Is ...

 STD Blood Test - where should I go?
My previous partner turned out to be a little bit crazy, and we did not use as much protection as we ought to have. I'd like to get tested before I find a new partner, just in case... where ...

 Can I get hiv if my hand touch the toilet water?
I had a horrible experience today. When I used the public toilet at school this morning, my watch fell into the toilet water. I quickly took it out by my hand. Now I am really worried whether I ...

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above my chin has a odor could it be the soap i use or what?...

 Can cold sore spread into your private???
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 Is it true that once you get a cold sore?
ur stuck with it forever?...

 Could a person just donate blood to the redcross and let the redcross test it for any stds or dieases?
and use it to know if you have anything
and dontate blood a few times a ...

 How can i tell the difference bewtween having herpes or a yeast infection?
i am stressing because i don't know if i have a yeast infection or herpes. my bf started having some discharge and bumps right after my symptoms. i'm monogomous so how can i tell which i ...

 What are symptoms of hpv?

 Yeast infections, can you get a yeast infection in other areas such as the anus, and if so how is that treated

 Hiv person dug, there fingernail unto non-hiv person can hiv be transmitted?
thank ...

 What does it mean to be a carrier of HIV? does that mean you have technically have HIV but dont?
can you be a carrier and not infect others or go without symptoms for an entire life time?...

 Throat Chlamidia .......?
Would I be able to tell if I had caught chlamidia in my throat ? Or will only a test tell ?...

 About Herpes?
How long is from the time you come in contact with someone having herpes, to the time it matures in your body and starts appearing on your face as warts?...

 Does anyone know how long u have to wait to get tested?
last week i was raped. i have no idea if this guy has HIV or STDS. i took the tests anyway. they came out clean. now i learn it takes 8 to 12 weeks before they can detect HIV. i dont know about the ...

 I am only 14 years old and have been diagnosed by my school nurse with syphilis; But it really hurts HELP!?
i am only 14 years old and have syphilis i got it from this boy in my school Nick sadly it is very painful i am on medicine for it but it is very painful in my mouth please help me to find some ways ...

 What is the total number of diseases spreading within the "Rock of Love" household?

 Can you get HIV from a toilet?
Can you get HIV from a toilet seat contaminated with an infected person's urine?...

How soon after exposure to STDs do you get symptoms?
any and all STDS

well really its different in every person. Sometimes you may have an std and it will not show any appearance for years. But if you think that you have come in contact with something you need to go get checked out.Tell your doctor what you thinkk it was that way you and she can keep on top of it. If its aids you can go to the hospital and there will give you something to stop it in its tracks. but you have to do that immediately.

Dont wait... if u think u have something go and get tested.... dont wait for anything.... some stds never show signs.... but some do after u get them... better safe then sorry...

Depends on the STDs exposed to, and if male or female. Either way you better carry your tail to a clinic, or family physician. STD's can cause sterilization keeping you from having children, if left to meander through the body untreated. Some of them can even cause death. Better safe than sorry, & if you have a reason to believe you have been exposed to anything a long those lines seek professional medical attention as soon as humanely possible!

lindsay s
1 day -6 months

Try following sources

It really depends on the STD and the person's body who contracted it. If ther person's immune sysytem is strong and can mostly fight off infections then it could be some time before symptoms appear. If there sysytem is weak (for many reasons) they could get sick faster. However some people don't show symptoms for a long time if ever with some STD's. For anyone who thinks they might have contracted anything is to do to the doctor to get check and blood work. Most STD's will show up in the body after a few days even if it has not yet started to spread through the body

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