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can HIV live on the razor of a person who has it? for how long? if it is on the shower, can the chlorine kill it?...

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whats the best way to clean it, the guy told me warm salt water, but how should i go about it?

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And ...

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Fortunately, one of my close friends to tell site, http://www.herpesmates....

 Wats the best way to protect yourself from STDS?

 Do U.S. soldiers get tested for STDs before going oversees?
what about when they enlist? If they have an STD, are they still allowed to continue being a soldier??...

 Got antibiotics for an std off the health adviser its one dose and she said avoid alcohol for 24 hours but ?
reading the instructions of the medicine it says nothing at all about avoiding alcohol in the precautions or anywhere else on the instructions so is there any specific reason why i should avoid it as ...

 Can you pee on someone?

 Freddie Mercury?
I was having this conversation with friends, there are lots of People today with HIV-AIDS who with drugs can lead a normal life. Seeing as AIDS killed Freddie Mercury within four years of having the ...

 What are the long erm effects of aids/hiv if left untreated?

 How do I get my g/f to undergo an STD test?
Where do they do these things and is it just a simple blood test?

I don't have a g/f right now but I'm a virgin and would like to protect myself.
Additional Details

 I went to the doctor yesterday?
because i have some funny discharge adn I think it smells. but she said everything seemed fine. do i trust her or do i go to antoher doctor?

she said my privates seemed ...

 HIV infection through Kiss?
I went in a pub and smooched a gal I was dancing with for about 3sec's and I guess she had piercing in her toung,is there any chances of getting infection of HIV/AIDS through saliva transfer?I ...

 If I have 2 stds, did I get them from the same person?
I thought I had a yeast infection and went in to get tested and had trichamoniasis, then went back 2 weeks later cause I still had itching, although it was more on my anus. I also noticed what ...

 I lost my period this month ,am I pregnant?

 What STD has the symptoms of....?
Increased tremors and old blood stains in your underwear when you're not having your period?...

 Pap smear??????????????
if you have an abnormal pap does it mean that you have HPV?...

 What is the leading cause of hiv and aids?

 Can HIV/AIDS be cured?
i was jw
Additional Details
i know tha HIV is the virus that you get first and AIDS is what you get after the fact....

How long should I keep prescription meds in the cabinet?

Since it is prescription medication if the condition you were taken them for has cleared you should throw them in the toilet. All prescriptions have expiration dates some meds increase in potency others decrease. You should never self medicate. If you are not using it throw it down the toilet to prevent an animal or child from overdosing. General rule is clean out your cabinet every 3 months.

Any precription should be kept in a cool dark place like a hall closet, and they should be kept until they expire (usually one year) or until you are finished taking it.

You should have taken the full prescription and have none left.

wierd al_1
untill you dont need them any more;-)

Look at the Expiry Date printed on the packet.


Hannah Radar
I hope that you are not referring to the bathroom medicine cabinet - as they've discovered that meds get exposed to too much moisture in that room.

Most prescription meds are good for at least one year if not exposed to temperatures too high or too low, and always capped tightly.

After you no longer need them, pitch them.

One year from the date you recieved the Rx.

a little goth
every medicine is different, some have an expirreing date, ohers dont, ask your local doctor. But if they have beem in there for too long, dont take them, they may be fatal.

You should never have extra antibiotics. They are prescribed to take the ENTIRE amount, with none left. And, never take antibiotics prescribed for someone else. You may end up with a much more serious infection. The infection will not be treated properly if you take less than the FULL amount prescribed.

The Educator
whoever says medicine is not effictive after the expiration date should take an "expired" oxycontin

Go by the expiry date

Normally there is an expiration date on your meds, some meds you can keep slightly longer. But some meds like Prednisone and certain antibiotics can be deadly and cause serious damage to your system. Throw them out !! Not worth the chance of causing life threatening illness to save a few bucks.

wht does the use by date on the packet say?

No more than a year from when it was prescribed. Once medications are out of their original package some begin to loose potency and deteriorate. If a year has passed, it's a good idea to toss them.

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