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 Can HPV be spread person to person just by going to get a bikini or brazilian wax?
Can HPV be spread person to person just by going to get a bikini or brazilian wax? If the Esthetician saves the left over wax for re-use on someone else can HPV be spread that way? I have heard ...

 Can you get herpes from kissing someone on the cheek? I kissed a girl on the cheek a few times and Im worried.
When I kissed the girl, I didn't see any open sores or anything and I didnt kiss her on the lips. Just on the cheeks and forehead....

 Help!! Yeast infection....?
will a yeast infection go away by itself? its not very serious... just mild itching and discharge.
Additional Details
the discharge is white and clumpy, and sometimes theres a clear ...

 HPV question?
a few years ago i was tested and was positive. so the did a biopsy and then the freeze thing... cant remember the name! anyways just had a pap and the doc tested for hpv and it came back as positive ...

 What is the...?
worst STD...

 I think I have an STD, HELP!?
I came to school 1day and My Boyfriend said that he had an STD. I waz lyke OMG r u seroius and went on the internet and checked my symotoms and everything. Then the next day at school he said he waz ...

 I think i gave my girlfriend crabs, how should i tell her?

 HIV*Aids wht makes the difference?

 Can you get herpes of the mouth by sharing a cigarette/ lipstick/ glass?

 I had a pap smear done?
i went to the doctor for a routine pap smear and he said that he found some fine bumps on my cervix what to you think it could be.plus i started to spot a little during the exam....

 How do I take care of myself when I have a boyfriend that I am crazy abut that has Herpes?

 Is std can be cured? once a person has an std does it will remain to him forever?

 My family found medicine that can prevent AIDS, but they keep it a secret what sholud I do?

 If you have HIV/aids do you get strich marks?

 Is hpv curable?
is hpv curable?...

 After i makout with my bf like 2 days after i get bumps in my mouth is that normal?
they are small n white i have gotten them b4 even kissin him but is it normal or an std or wat?
Additional Details
they dont hurt or anything n i have gotten them even if i dont kiss ...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS from an uninfected person?
I know you can get HIV/AIDS from an infected person, but what if you exchange body fluids (example: blood) with an unifected person?

Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge on the ...

 Can an HIV infected mother trasmit the virus to her unborn baby?

 I have AIDS....what should i do?
I was diagnosed with AIDS when i was 14, i live in California, and i cant talk to anyone about it b/c they will judge me. I feel myself dieing, but i havent told anyone yet. I am now 15 years old, ...

 This is probably a stupid question but im so confused?
can u get stds only when your a teenager? bc i havent seen adults that are married get stds and stuff like that? im so confused right now. please explain all that stuff....

queen of england
How long does it take for an STD to show up in your body?
I know AIDS takes a while to show up in your system but how about others?

3-6 months depending on the person and test done!

Depends on the STD. All of them are different. Some of them dont have any symptoms at all. Its important to get regular screening.

I believe that the earliest one will show up 21 days after exposure. I am not 100% certain about this though. Some STD's have no symptoms, which is scary, so it is very important to be honest with your doctor and truthfully tell him/her how many partners you've had, what protection was used, things like that. They can do more extensive tests that will be more accurate if you are honest. Also, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about the different signs and symptoms of STD's, and when they are likely to show up. It is important to be educated. :)

Breanna W
some show up in like a week and others take like 6 months i think herpes takes 6 months...

anything from 2 days to never get checked you know something is wrong, do the right thing get cleared up


it depend on what type of sh!@#t you have & why have'nt you been protecting yourself

- HIV may be up to 10 years or less (without treatment) though this all depends on how good your immunity systems is
- Gonorrhea: 2 - 14 days
- Syphillis: primary - 10 - 90 days, secondary - 6 wks - 6 months, tertiary
- Lymphogranuloma Venereum: 7 - 21 days
- Chancroid: 3 - 10 days

These are only some .....

Some of the diseases like syphyilus can lay dorment for years and won't even show up on any test.

Gnoreaha will hit you pretty quick. Crabs and the clap almost right away.

there's a few other things guys can get and transfer to a girl who will know the next day she's got it.

good deal though going around unprotected. It's like playing russian roulette with your privates...just great

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