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 Can you catch stds by wearing the same underwear as someone who has one... even if they have been washed??

Additional Details
by the way its not me wearing other ppls undies my sister wears mine... just thought i would clear that up!!!...

 How do you cure a yeast infection? please help!!!!?
I have a yeast infection that just won't go away!!!...

 Is it true that a guy can be a carrier for the HPV virus and have no symptoms?
Is there a test a guy can take to see if he has it?...

 When you donate blood through the red cross, do they test is for h.i.v?
how soon after you donate do they test it? Do they notify you directly?...

 Is it possible to become pregnant by an HIV positive male and not get infected?

 Is it illegal to give someone an STD on purpose..even if you hate them?

 Coldsores after kissing?
me and my closest friend (who ive known since 4) were kissing cause we really like each other, but not dating. and a few days later i started feeling coldsores in my mouth. So i told my mom, even ...

 IS it possible to get an STD from an un infected person?

 Can you help me?
My husband was diagnosed with Chlamydia. He didn't get it from me. And the only other person he's ever been with was his ex-wife. I keep reading that if you do show signs, it will be 1-30...

 Can a normal routine blood test checkup pick up hiv? without having an actually hiv test?

 Is Itchiness is a symptom of a STD? I have itchiness in my legs during nightitmes ....?

 HIV from urine on a toilet seat?
I know that this sounds crazy but I have to ask.

I was at my local mall and I had to go to the restroom so bad.

I know that having OCD and a chronic phobia of HIV holds me back ...

 If you had an STD and/or STI, what would it be?
It could be any STD or STI, but it can't be ticks because those are way too easy to get rid of.
Additional Details
And you can't say I rather have none as an answer because ...

 Stupid ? but, does it cost around 800$ for a doctor to check for STD's??
My ex and i are having a little bet, I said it costs up to 250 at most....

 If you have HIV and you choose not to tell past partners or your present partner, is that illegal?
I posted this question yesterday, and i want to make it very clear i do not have HIV, i justed wanted to know if it was illegal not to tell past/present partners you have it. I know its immoral and ...

 Can you get STDs from oral man to woman?
I tell my friend he can, especially if he has a cut. But not too sure about herpes and warts and stuff. Is there a safe way of doing this other than not to do it?
Additional Details

 Would a guy date a girl with HPV?
And if so how does te girl tell future partners she has HPV? My friend and i were reading all the questions on this and wanted to know. Plus it would be good refrence if we ever got it, or if ...

 Do i have hiv?
i got this skin rash that is ringworm i guess...and i was looking it up on the interent and wondering why all of a sudden i'm sick too i've been coughing for the past 2 weeks and my throat ...

 My Dad / AIDS Please Help!?
well my dad has had HIV for a couple years and his umm liek a number i guess went really low so technically he has aids now he cant afford it at all right now because he has to pay off other stuff ...

 STDs- Is it more fear than reality?
Everyone of us is worried about STDs. I think one day will come when somebody will ask- will I get std if I kiss a small kid? Is the fear real?...

Does your partner have to have an STD for you to get one?
Say you were having oral with someone WITHOUT an STD. Could you still get one if you were unprotected even though they don't have one.

scott p
Always use protection!!!

Of course not hello ...............

only if its in the air around u, that would be a bacteria. stay in school and finish ur education

Blondie Neko
if your partner doesn't have an STD the only way to get one is to cheat on him

Feeling Brainy
Ergo, if you do get STD, one of you is cheating.

tiphanie s
if u didnt wear any protection and he dosnt have an STD then u r ok but be sure to use one next time.

Where would it come from? Space? No thats not how it works.

Triple 6 Soul
No you cannot get STD from someone who doesn't have STD. It's like asking if you can steal $100 from someone who has no money. You have to have it to give it.

No, because you wouldn't have been exposed to one. But you cannot tell if someone has one a lot of times.

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