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i was jw
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brad schmoe
Do U.S. soldiers get tested for STDs before going oversees?
what about when they enlist? If they have an STD, are they still allowed to continue being a soldier??

who knows, mabye u do, mum

texas tornado
Yes, but there is no guarantee they won't have them when they get back. They are GIs for Christ sakes.

yes.. and yes as long as its not going to kill them

celeb lover
yes, they receive a full physical exam

they do all kinds of tests, im not sure of the exact ones, but i know definitely for AIDS. this happens when you first enlist.
congrats on thinking about joining!!! welcome to the family!!!

yes they get checked, but it doesnt affect whether or not your accepted

I know they get tested before they enlist or soon after. Also, they get a physical before going overseas. I have no idea what steps they take if a military member has an STD.

you are all in my heart forever
having an std doesn't keep you from being a soldier. you do get checked

Darren G
Um no they don't get tested and yes they are still allowed in. I don't think so if they have HIV or AIDS tho!!

well i know they are given condoms

Yes they do. And if it is something treatable, then they just get treatment. They would take you ouf of the service for HIV.

my husband, who's in the Army, gets tested once per year. Or at least he did before we got married. I'm not sure if the Army requires the tests that often but I know the will require them from time to time. I don't know of him getting tested before he deployed. He never mentioned it being a pre-requisite. And as far as them continuing to be a soldier, yes they can be. I know 2 soldiers with herpes who continue to soldier on.

I hope this helps.

The answer is no we do not get tested for STD's. We can get tested for STD's if we choose to but it is not mandatory. HIV testing is mandatory however.

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