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Can you get stds by wearing underwear of someone that has stds?

You can get a nice case of crotch crickets.

You could definately get crabs from wearing someone else's undies. As far as other STD's its highly unlikely but not impossible. Most viruses can't live without constant body temperaturre to sustain them. However, by wearing someone else's underwear you could get things such as crabs, yeast infections or other things. My advice to you is just don't do it.

Crabs dummy just because they are bugs u can still get them .BUT Y IN DA HELL WOULD U WEAR SOMEONE ELSE'S UNDERWEAR WITH UR NASTY *** !

I would definetly not wear someone else's underwhere...
B-cuz wen u wear underwear it rubs/touches ur skin and bacteria & more rub on 2... & wen u wear it it rubs on u...

So plz 4 ur safety dont:)


crabs yes...other ones I'd say most likly no. And i assume u mean worn (dirty).

I have a feeling someone told u they got a std from wearing someone else's underware. in this case i'd say no...they are lying!!!!!

they fkued someone!!!

That's risky, even if they have been washed. My advice: DONT

I would definitely not wear someone else underwear it is unsanitary and just plain nasty. Why don't you have your own underwear you are obviously old enough to know better than to wear another person underwear, STD or not.

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