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Diana H
Can you get herpes from using someone chapstick?
i used a chapstick that i thought was myen when my freind was staying over. little did i know it was hers, and she has herpes! at first i just oh well, i dont think that is possible 4 me to get it any ways. but now i keep gettin little pimples around my lips, like 1 every week. and they so tiny and painful, is it acne or herpes?? thank you so much.

yup.. there goes your social life!

Hi,,, I perssonally dont think you can get lip sores from Chapstick swapping... You sure that is all you two did????

good lick....

eeeewwwww nasty you have herpes!!!!! GROSS!

Mr. Num Num
Yes you can, and yes you did.

Consult a doctor for treatment medication.

you could but i doubt that's what you have!

Jayden's Mommy!
Yes, they probably are herpes. Id go to a doctor.

yes you can get it, and I don't think you did. Cold sores are not usually so tiny. Next time you get one I'd say go and get it examined by a doc, that is the only sure way to diagnose it.

sure, why not.

♥ Stacy ♥
Yes you absolutely can. If you aren't sure if you have the cold sore virus then go visit your doctor when the little pimples appear. If you don't have them then you need to be a lot more careful in the future as if you get this virus you can never ever get rid of it.

You need a doctor to be sure. Don't wait around either.

And to everyone...it's gross to use someone's Chapstick. I bought one and my MIL used it right in front of me. GAG That's like spitting in someone else's mouth. Unless you are dating the person, leave their Chapstick alone. Don't use Chapstick you are not sure where it's been, if you know what I mean.

Go to the doctor. Good luck.

very tricky question but i do believe t is possible to get herpes from someones Chapstick because u can get it from kissing them, drinking after them, etc. so it could be possible. if i were id go to the doctors and get it checked out and tell him/her ur situation.

Markesha M
I think you can

Millie C
They are called cold sores, which is a type of herpes. The answer to your question is yes.

Yea, if the person who's Chapstick your using has herpes.

There are two types - Herpes I and Herpes II.
both are incurable, neither is life-threatening.
One affects your mouth area (cold sores and blisters) the other grabs you a little lower down your body (if you see what I mean - inside your underwear).
It's unpleasant, but don't sweat about it.

I would def say yes you could if she is in the active stage at the time she used the Chapstick. I would go to a clinic or a doctor just to be sure. MedicineNet.com is a good place to look up questions about health related problems.

I hope for your sake its just acne.


billy s
You sure can

if they have herpes cold sore and its ooey gooey then i would think theres a possibility but you could ask your dr if your not sure.

you can catch herpes from that as it is a very contagious infection. what you have sounds like black heads or spots but get yourself some Zovirax its the best thing for cold sores xx

Munya Says: GFOD
tiny little pimples on your lip? I'd say herpes.
Dont touch them!

Askme a
Yes if she used it when she was having an outbreak.

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