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 I just want know,how to protect my baby from bacteria?

 Could you tranfer an STD by just sitting on a public toilet that seems to be clean?

 Do you think pharmaceutical companies have the cures to STDs?
I've heard reports and seen programs that say that medical companies already have the cures to several STDs....do you think this is true?...

 Is it true that it easier for a HIV +ve man to infect a woman than the other way round?
It was once mentioned on Oprah, but just in passing and I needed to know if it's accurate. Apparently a man cant get easily infected by a woman as he can infect her....

 What careers or professions should you steer away from if you have Herpex Simplex Virus?
No president has ever had a cold sore, nor any of my teachers that I can remember. Anything else? I would image customer service and public eye positions the most....

 Can you still have a child if you have HIV without giving it to them?
just curiouse noone i know has it

can you have a child if you have HIV and not give it to ...

 Serious question about AIDS?
i was wondering... if someone had aids,since its an immune deficeincy, would they tend to get sick easily, and how long can aids go un noticed without testing before symptoms arise. I am not ...

 Aside from getting tested regularly, are there any noticable symptoms of HIV?
I get tested regularly, but I was just curious how people come to find out they're HIV positive without testing. Are there common symptoms?...

 I was wonderIng if I had an STD because I have a couple little bumbs down there and I have sum white discharge
I looked up some STD's on the computer and and I dont really have any symptoms because it dosn't burn when I go to the bathroom and there not big nasty looking bumps soo I was wondering if ...

 Virgin with STD?
I don't think anyone can answer this.

How on earth can one be contracted with STD when he is still a virgin?

I suppose no one believes this. Hopefully, someone can shed ...

 Can you have herpes in your mouth?? or is that something else, I'm worried???
because i heard that ulcers come from stress and puss pockets or just some type of infection anybody can get
Additional Details

 What are the chances he has HIV?
this guy i know was arrested in 2003. he was arrested for having/doing heroin. i was looking through his file and there was a paper stating that he had an ELSIA test which showed he tested negative ...

 If i have a low- risk HPV can i still have children?
I've have a low-risk HPV for 5 years now. I'm now ready to have children will i be able to have a child....

 Can u catch or spread HIV/AIDS through kissing?

 I know a girl who said she caught HPV. Then she said the doctor's told her it went away. Is that possible?

 Why so much Aids in Africa?
They need to wear condoms, I mean really! can't we drop crates of em?
Additional Details
all such great answers, thank you. the whole thing is so sad, but they really need to get ...

 Does anyone know where to get tested for stds for free?

 It's positive!!!!!?
My test came out positive...HORRAYYY!!!!!
Additional Details
OMG!!!! LOL HA HA HA . That's where yahoo placed it in!!!! I'M PREGNANT AND NO I DON'T HAVE AN STD... LMAO!!!!...

 Should I kiss a guy with herpes?
My boyfriend and I just started dating and were farther along that were almost kissing but I dont know the affects of the "common" herpes he says he has should i kiss him if he dosnt have a ...

 Can STDs come from nowhere?
My ex gave me a bj and she was only with 1 other guy before me who was never with a girl before.

So my question is, is there a way I could get an STD even though the people involved had ...

jade h
Can you get STDs from masterbating often?

Daniel F
no - not possible.


If that was possible, I would be dead by now.

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