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 Bacterial Vaginosis?
I was diagnosed with this and treated with a gel for a week or so it was okay no discharge and no smell then all of a sudden the symptoms came back I was just wondering if this can be givin to a ...

 What came first The STD or the Human?
I was bored and thought about it. If you got an STD from humans then how did the STD originate?
Additional Details
So wouldn't that mean that Humans screwed monkeys?...

 HPV or is this a STD ??
hi every one well look i have a friend that has just found out that she has a mild HPV due 2 a paps-mer i don't but there sending her 2 a specialist but do u think this is a high risk thing ...

 Do certain std's make you urinate when you dont even need to?

 Does an HIV-positive person (AIDS symptoms not yet shown) need medication? If yes, what kind?

 I want to get tested for std's but I have no insurance, does planned parenthood do this for free for men?

 Is it true that AIDS will never ever be cured because it's a virus and viruses can't be cured?

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 Will HIV positive blood transfer through cut?
I was helping someone bandage up a cut and then I washed my hands. I noticed that I had a cut on my hand also. My cut was about an 1/8 of an inch think and about 80% healed. I do not think any got ...

 Bacterial vaginosis?
What are the signs for bacterial vaginosis?...

 What kind of doctor do u see for a std exam?
is it all gynecology doctors?
some gynecology doctors i have come across specialize in certain areas.
some say perimenopause, menstrual disorder, osteoporosis..etc...
which would be ...

 What should I do with my abnormal child?

 My friend with herpes?
a very close friend if mine was diagnosed a few months ago with herpes. SHe was very upset and questioned how she would ever be able to tell a guy without being rejected. I told her to just give ...

 I think i have herpes, i am really scared...?
any advice...i know i have to go to the dr. but what if i do, its hurts so bad....

 Should I STILL go get tested even though I used protection every time with my ex-boyfriend?

 Why men with aids in africa raped younggirls ages 5 and a above?

 When you do a one night stand, is it rude to ask them if they have any STDs?
when you do a one night stand, is it rude to interrogate them a little, and ask them if they have any STDs first?

or should you just put on a rubber and do it?...

 HPV. My brothers friend has HPV and she happened to take a bite out of his burrito?
...which he then ate. Now he's very concerned that he might have it because apperantly you could get it from 'skin to skin' contact but this is all kind of confusing to me.


 Can a yeast infection be cured? what causes the white discharge?

Can you find a list of people with HIV in your state?

This is the dumbest question ever!

maybe they should but only if several positive results come back so it known its not a mess up! then people couldnt lie and hide it! fairness says just as you have a right to hide it they have the right to know morally!

No that would be illegal. How ever if you slept with some one who was positive they legally have to tell you.

Daniel F
you won't be able to find a list with specific names, but your state health department can provide you with statistics..

Deb S
NO! That is private information that cannot be shared!

No! And thank God for a patient's right to privacy!

no of course not. this breaks the patient confidentiality agreement. this invades their privacy. you definately cannot get a list of people with hiv in your state, it's their business.

You must be kidding. Ever hear of PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY? It's a law. HIPAA to be exact.

Here's the link about the HIPPA law----so you can read more about it:


Well I don't think you question is so dumb my friend. The answer is no. HIPPA - Health Information Privacy Protection Act - prevents it. The medical people can't give out health info to anyone other than you and the people paying for it (insurance company, mom and dad sometimes). They can't even give me info about my own husband unless he signs a piece of paper saying he is ok with it.

However I dont think it is such a bad question. I'm not sure if it is a good idea because you would be condemning people to a life similar to a leaper, but man would I ever read that list if it was available. Working in a hospital I would love to know when I am putting my life at risk....and now you know why they can't do it.

It is one of those double edged swords. We would be virtually killing the people who already have HIV, but would be saving a lot of lives by a lower infection rate. Whether that is due to less people coming in contact with it in a medical setting or people not sleeping with the infected. Of course they are suppose to tell you, but you arn't suppose to murder people with guns either, and that happens.

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