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 How do you get rid of herpes?

 Can I Get Herpes?
My BF has a friend that have herpes and he comes over alot to visit. Is it any way I can get it just but touching something that he touched or anything else? I'm really worried about this.

 Can you be born with HIV/AIDS?

 Can you get AIDS if...?
Say you were having a sleepover with a friend. You forgot another change of underwear a home. You borrow some of hers but she had had her period in them some years ago or wekks or whatever. If she ...

 Does the HPV / Guardisil shot protect me from getting herpes?

 Can Masterburation lead to AIDS?

 If you could have any of the following what would it be?
#1- a giant gummy bear

#2- long green straight hair and silver eyes

#3- long silver straight hair and gold eyes

#4- a lizard that can talk (it speaks spanish so you ...

 I have a freind who told me she is h.i.v positive and has herpes if this was your freind would you let her use
your shower or ...

 How long can an AIDS (HIV +ve) person can survive?
if he/ she maintains correct diet and exercises....

 Can I Reciece an STD unprotected when neither me or my partner doesnt have sores?
Like I heard mulitple things like no mater what you canget STDs from un protected and then i heard that you can only get it when you or the partner has it or only you and you partner have sores Im ...

 THE TRUTH..... Would you treat someone who has Aids/HIV differently?

 Is AIDS/HIV a racial (African American) diesease?
Does it come from black diesease???????...

 Can you get herpes from using someone chapstick?
i used a chapstick that i thought was myen when my freind was staying over. little did i know it was hers, and she has herpes! at first i just oh well, i dont think that is possible 4 me to get it ...

 What happens to somebody if they are given the wrong blood type?

 I'm only 15, could I have oral herpes?
Hi, me and a friend went to the beach. Well we were at the pool and me and this really cute guy kept flirting. It was late, me, seth(the guy), and stephanie(my friend) were all in the pool alone. He ...

 How do i tell my girlfriend that i have aids and now she might have them?

Additional Details
I did'nt know i had them untill this morning when i went for my checkup, its possible i could have got them from her but i don't know....

 She gets mad when I ask her to get tested for STds?
So I just started dating this girl, and I told her, tonight, that we shouldn't really do anything until she and I both get tested for STDs. I'm going this Friday to get tested because I ...

 How do I go about seeing a gynecologist ASAP i think i have an STD?
I need to get checked asap, I think I have an STD but I have never been to a gynocologist. What does this cost, and how do i go about finding a place & making an appointment ASAP

 Do i still use protection?
if we're both virgins and we're both clean no diseases or anything like that,do we still have to use a condom?

oh and she's on the pill so we don't have to worry about ...

 "dirty toy"?
can you catch an std from a dirty toy use by some else?...

*_K33gans mommy_37 weeks^_^*
Can u get an std from this?
okay my friend is a girl and she has trichamonis and i was wondering if she lives with me and wheres my underwear then i wear them but i wash them before i wear them again can i get it.

CuTiE w/ A bOoTy!
Trichamonis is treatable...Why hasn't she been treated for this? Is my quesiton.

I wouldn't share underwear, that's just not right.
And if she is wearing yours or visa versa, make a day out of it and go pantie shopping at Victoria's Secret or something. :]

Secular Kitteh

No, you cannot get it just by living with you. But hunnie, I would't let her wear your underwear, even though you wash it. Now, you could get something doing that, so be careful. But no you will not catch trichamonis.

One dollar and NINE CENTS!!!!!
I share toilet paper with my friend, so far I am disease free.

Alexa B
You should really ask some one who knows about that kind of stuff. Godd Luck!

well, if you were washing them, no. i don't think so

First of all that is really gross.You can buy a package of underwear at target.It is on sale this week. Please buy her some.


No you should not be able to get an std from clean underwear. At least I dont think so. And for all these other ppl asking "who wears each others underwear" girls do share clean underwear. I have done that with my sister and some of my best friends. If you spend the night at their house and you wear the same size then you share clothes. Even panties if needed. That way you dont have to pack alot of clothes either.

why would you share underwear with someone? thats gross.

I'm sorry but this question is just disgusting..
Why in the world would you EVER share your underwear??
I wouldn't care if they were washed I still wouldn't wear them.
Throw them away, and tell your friend to get her own underwear.

Probably not if they're washed thoroughly, but I wouldn't risk it. You can get all kinds of nasty stuff from sharing underwear.

why are you sharing your underwear? anyways no not if you wash them. Trichomonas Trick-oh-Mor-nass pull up Division of Parasitic Disease - Trichomonas Infection. and just read it.

GoCubsGo â„¢
This question is so hot.

ew, you would wear underwear after someone else wore them???

SICK!!!!! Why is she wearing your underwear???

Sheree H
Why the hell are you two sharing underwear?! That's just too personal, eww!

you are nasty you should not share your underwear with anyone that is like wiping ur a** with toilet tissue that has already been used or brushing your teeth with someone elses tooth brush yuk



Probably not as the washing will probably kill it if you wash in hot water but I wouldn't chance it. I would make your friend buy you a new pair of undies and get rid of the pair she wore.

I dont think so, but thats gross sharing underwear.

dont share your underwear! thats nasty period!

tell her to buy her own underwear; that's gross.

Jason Standings
nope, wouldn't have thought so, but why would you share underwear!?

I took trichamonis in high school. Man what a tough subject

Amusing...But pointless!
Who shares underwear?

Sour Girl - I love lamp
you want me to send you money for some underwear? i will.

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