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 If you have coldsore(s) do you have herpes for shur?
like does it definitly mean you have herpes or does it mean you MITE have herpes?
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like does it definitly mean you have herpes or does it mean you MITE have herpes?

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girl confused.
Can doctors see STDS in urine samples?
If i go to the doctor to get checked for a bladder infection (urine sample), will they be able to see if i have any stds from that?

No. It takes a blood test.

"The Big Cheese"
Certain ones yes. Ghonorreah or whatever cause those affect the internal parts.

Cazz ;)
i think they could but if they arent checking for STDs then they wont be able to tell and most STDs cant be found just from unrine samples

I don't think so. You can detect it through certain blood test mostly. And one symptom is when you have a discharge which is unusual.

If they just test you for a bladder infection, they won't be able to tell if you have any STDs. They would need to test you for STDs in order to find them.

Yes, most STD's are checked the same way, What you can do is to let the doctor know to check for STDs in addition to the Bladder Infection. I know that if you are having symptoms and they do not see a bladder infection they do check for STDs but im not sure that if they see a bladder infection if they will still look for STDs

Aleksandra L
Yes for some they can see!

David B
yes if they order the appropriate tests

Taylor H
Typically chlamydia and gonorrhea can be detected through urine testing.

What they do if they are looking for an infection is they will order a culture and sensitivity. The culture will tell them what particular bug is causing the infection and the sensitivity will tell them which antibiotic will work the best.

The catch is this only works with bacteria. Not all STDS are bacteria so the test will not pick up on them. Such as HIV and herpes. If you think you might have a STDS you need to tell the doctor so he can order additional tests to look for those.

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