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 My husband want me to get tested for std's should I?

 Is it STD that i am having.?
I have this strange pains on my private parts.They even have this small insects of some sort.Is it STD that I am having or I am just overreacting....

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 Can you get STD's from this?
Can you get an STD by giving head to someone that you know doesn't have any STD's and you don't have any ether? And if you don't swallow can you still get them just from oral?...

 For me to think that STDs/catching an std is cool , is there something wrong?

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Additional Details
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 If my girlfriend tests negative for STDs, does that mean i'm clean also?

 SYPHILIS any reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?

 If you have an STD would it show up on a blood test?

 Why do peoples get infected with HIV?
I would like if the answers have much contact with Ethiopia....

 Why are more people living with HIV|AIDS in Africa than any else in the wlord?

 Is a urinary tract infection be caused from sleeping around?

 Help"its stings an sore when i have a pee an get pains at my side?

 Am I wrong for requiring my new love interest to have an HIV screening before I become intimate with him?

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I am 19 years old. I am a hypochondriac. I also suffer from a phobia of HIV.

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 My Boyfriend has weird bumps....?
I have been with my boyfriend for over 3 years about a year after we started dating he stated getting these weird bumps on his willie. He got tested before we got together and tested negative for ...

 Private area prob....?
So..I have little bumps down there..they are not actually inside my vag**a but they are around. They come and go. I shave, but they dont look like the usual bumps. They are really small and have ...

 Can you get STD's from KISSING someone?
like HIV or herpes?...

Tara K
Can a woman give an man a STD?
I read somewhere that they can.I don't see how that would work.

That's crazy.....Absolutely !

Without a doubt they can. Some STD's are less likely to be passed on from female to male, but even HIV can be passed on by a female infecting the male partner.

Please do not let anyone tell you that, because it is completely untrue.


DUHHHHH yes a woman can..
you must be young.. 13 14..

it might not make sense but it happens.

Yes, of course a woman can give a man an STD. STDs are contagious. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. If you have one, you can pass it on to your partner.

Just Bored
Sometimes the internet is not the best place to look for answers.

Mr. V
Yes, Yes and Yes. It is medical fact that a woman can transmit many kinds of STD's to a man.

All of sudden I'm kind of itchy.

I hope that this is not a serious question...
Of course a woman can give a man an STD...how else do you think men get STD's? The biology is the same as for a woman. Any time an oriface (yes, a man's penile opening IS an oriface) comes into contact with a disease, there is a potential for spreading.

The Kellster
of course.

Elden B

are you joking? OF COURSE! how do you thinkt here is so many STD's all over the entire world? the question doesn't even make sense

brad j
a woman is more amp to give an std to a man before a man can to a woman. reason is a man who has an std will know at least a day after he gets the std...in a woman, she may not know for several days before she realizes that she has and std



STDs are transmitted both ways...it doesn't matter what gender u are. STDs are contagious!


My Evil Twin
Yes. Where do you think men get STDs from?


yes of course they can. it works because if she is carring it and he puts it inside he can get it. also if she has it and he goes down on her he can get it in his mouth. women can passes diseases just as easy as men. men just usually don't show symptoms like women do.

Charlie Bucket
OMG are you kidding me, of course they can!!!! What do you think condoms are for? Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, you name it.

That's Me
heck yeah ever seen why did i get married!


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