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 If two people dont have stds can they " produce " it?
like say two people dont have stds can they pass something on and make it ? or like does one person have to have stds for the other person to get it ? im 13 and i want to learn about this ...

 What exactly is an STD?
I've heard is everywhere, but I dont really know what it is. ...

 Here's a question about hiv or std?
Lets say I was french kissing and going oral with this guy. How soon after that would I see an HIV or STD appear? If he gave it to me. Just curious thanks for any answers:)...

 I have a friend who plucks his eyelashes. Is this a bad habit, or is there a medical reason why he does it?
He just plucks them when he is stressed so he says, but odd huh....

 Can men receive the Gardasil vaccination??
Even though men don't have a cervix, they are still capable of getting warts.....

 Got stuck from a chair, would I get HIV?
I sat on a padded chair in a public area this morning and something pierced my bum slightly and stuck me. On inspection I realised that it was just a screw from under the chair that screws the ...

 Chlamydia or ghonerhea?

 Where did the HIV virus come from?
We know that the virus came from monkeys, but this leaves a bigger question, where did the monkey's get the virus from?...

 Would you write a reaction paper on HIV AIDS or Abortion?

 Transmit HIV ??
Ok say you have a cut in your mouth and an HIV+ person picks up a piece of food with his fork and you take it off his fork and put the food piece in your mouth. Basically asking witha open mouth cut ...

 If u get a cold soar in ur mouth do you have herpes?

 Do you have oral herpes? Click here please.?
I have been diagnosed with oral herpes and I am on Valtrex. I keep having outbreaks, even though I am on 1000mgs of Valtrex a day. Outbreak after outbreak with no break in between them. I am seeing ...

 Is there a vaccine for HIV yet?
I know if you have contracted the virrus it can't be cured yet but can you pay to have a vaccine which will prevent you from ever contracting it?...

 Where did the aids virus start?
is it true that ut started from chimpanzees? or ...

 Wat r the chance that HIV transfers through kissing?

 Do people still have syphilis???

 Is it true it is really quite difficult to catch HIV/aids...?
...and once the virus has contact with air it dies? In other words is it not possible to catch aids from outside somone's body?...

 Is leukemia considered an std?
I have very little knowledge on leukemia, and if it is or not. just wondering if anyone knew, and could provide proof. anwsering just yes is useless and crap....

 If you test positive for hiv will the health department contact you imediately?

 If you have herpes is there a chance if you are pregnant the baby will have it when delivered?

Can a pap smear detect chlamydia even though sysptoms are not present at the time as well as gonorrahea?

No, they require separate tests, but the sample can be taken at the same time as the Pap smear.

yes, a pap smear definitely can detect chlamydia. Others may need an actual blood test. But as for chlamydia and some others sure. When a pap is taken it detects a number of things not just cervical cancer.

No. The test is done at the same time as a pap. Your doctor usually does it at the same time because with a majority of omen there aren't any symptoms.

no but they can do the test at the same time.

I'm a nurse. Yes any std will be made known at the time of appointment. You can also repeat it at a latter date, but I wouldn't. Go on the first results.

A pap smear only detects the beginings of cervical cancer. The swabs they take along with the smear is what detects STD's.
And, YES the swabs will detect the presence of the disease even if you don't feel anything.
Many STD's don't show symptoms for a long while anyway, that's why it's so important to get tested.

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