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Can a doctor see if you have an std through a pap smear?
can a doctor see if you have an std through a pap smear?

cherry apple
Hello, of course they have to run some tests depending on what they are looking for..........

A STD called HPV causes cancer if the pap test comes back as abnormal (you MAY have cancer) your doctor will want to preform more tests. If this is a question ahead of time make sure you ask doctor preforming pap smear about STD's!

single mother

I'm pretty sure :)

Just ask.

What are you talking about???? Not normally. But there are a few infection that might show up on a pap smear. Usually doctors do what's called a GC culture when they perform a pap smear. especially for the first time. This is a test for a venereal disease. It's a test for Gonorrhea, and this is an STD. You should ask the doctor to test for ST D's if you're suspicious of having been in contact with someone that does have one. There is a test for an STD you must ask for specifically it's the test for chlamydia

If it's something that would give you visible sores or signs of an STD, then yes, he/she would probably be able to see that. For the non-visible stuff, he/she can do a swab culture of the area to see if any STDs are present. I'm not sure if they do this swab culture automatically with each pap smear or if it's something you have to request or would only be given if you had reason to suspect you'd been exposed to an STD.

whats a pap smear?

Yes, I think that they can screen for it.

Blonde Next Door
Yeah. Thats what those uncomfortable little q-tips they insert are for.

Doctors do a pap smear to detect abnormal cells. These abnormal cells tell the doctor if you may have HPV or cervical cancer. Most doctors do not test for STDs unless you ask them to. When you go in for your pap test just ask and they will have not problem in adding the extra tests.

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