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Can HIV or AIDS be transmitted through sharing of the drinking glass of a carrier or sharing his utensils?

LaToya C
It has not been found in studies that HIV or AIDS can be passed through saliva. And they don't know about drinking it by the buckets either.The virus came from a rare chimp in the Congo in them it is SIV and it was given to a man in the 70's causing it to jump to man no longer being the monkey virus but living in humans and I guess you should just be weary.My father contracted the virus and him kissing or eating off my fork has never given me the virus.There are also many couples living together and married where on is positive and one is not. Just be careful and don't take that risk.

It can be, but it is not likely. HIV is an enveloped virus, meaning aside from the protein coat it is also surrounded by a lipid membrane that is rather fragile and will fall apart (making the virus no longer virulent) after a few minutes in air. Remember that HIV can only attach to and enter into cells that are CD4 positive, meaning helper T cells and some types of macrophages. The oral mucosa does have some patches of immune tissue (especially the tonsils) that contain these types of cells, so it is not impossible to acquire the virus through utensils, and therefore I would not recommend doing so at the same meal. However, if you are just a room mate and are wondering if you can both use the same dishes and cups, assuming you are washing them between uses, it should be fine. I just wouldn't share the same fork and pass it back and forth at the same meal.

ABSOLUTELY NOT.....notunless there was an exchange of blood on the glass or the utensils (i.e. you both had a cut or a sore in your mouth)...and even then....the virus would die after the blood hit the air.....etc. SO ESSENTIALLY...NO

HIV just live in blood so this virus cant live with out blood

No, while the virus is present in saliva it is not present in a high enough concentration to make transmission possible.

NO, becuase as of today there is "NO" Scientific Proof or Documentations that so called "HIV" exists in the United States....

I don't understand. I can't understand why people still think this can happen. NO! It cannot be passed that easily. For those who say it's possible, you are so unbelievably ignorant it is undeniable. If it could be passed that way....even through kissing, then the entire world would be infected by now.

Don't listen to these morons who say otherwise.

No...they say it takes 2 liters of saliva at once to transmit the disease.

no grow up

Only if the carrier has an open sore or cut on his/her mouth. To be safe, use separate glasses and utensils.


you need direct contact with blood, or bodily fluids. (and spit does not count unless you are drinkning it in buckets)

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