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 How long do you have to wait for a ct scan result...roughly..?
ive just had a ct scan done and im just wondering if anyone has had one and how roughly did you have to wait for the results..?? thanx.....

 Went Off My Meds?
I was on Singulair for about a month a half but right around X-mas I started feeling queasiness and lightheadedness. I felt so bad I could not even walk and had to lie down for long periods of time....

 Anyone who smokes cigarettes?
what brand do you smoke, and how much does one pack cost? I need information for a health assignment....

 Why do I have blood in the spit?
For the past month I noticed blood in my spit, at first it was brownish colour but yesterday it was reddish, this morning I did not spit because I am afraid to see the blood. I have been to my GP who ...

 Is MRSA contagious?

 What are symtoms of damaged lungs?
What are the symtoms of having damaged lungs as opposed to just being out of shape?...

 At home remedies for a very bad cough? please help its soo bad.?
well i m 14 and i have such a bad cough, i have asthma and i took my inhaler but i think its just a cold. I took delsum, and it didnt help, and i havent slept all night is there anything i can do to ...

 Anybody using a CPAP? Do you get "charley horses"?
I used a CPAP during my sleep study and had a "CH", I just used my new CPAP at home and had them again. Twice. Is this a common occurence?...

 How many people here smoke ?
Do you think we as smokers should have as much right to smoke as the people who dont? Why cant people who dont smoke go out side to eat, or walk the other way. People say that smoking causes cancer ...

 Does eating a banana helps with asthma attack?

 Is it okay to social smoke?
Social smoking - usually when I have had a few drinks I could usually use a cigarette. Is this better than smoking altogether or just as worse?...

 Sinus problem?
Can blocked sinuses make you feel ...

 Teen smoking?
is it normal for a teen to smoke? cuase im 14 i just had my first cigerette and really i didnt cough or i didnt get addicted well i sort of did but i stopped myself but my freind he lives in a second ...

 What are the signs of emphysema developing in the lungs?

 Quitting smoking?
Do you need a prescription from your GP to get these nicotine inhalers that I,ve seen some people using?...

 It feels like I'm not getting enough air. This might be in the wrong category.
it happens on and off. Usually it happens when i'm sitting around and doing nothing. I feel like I'm not getting enough air and i will sit there and i will breath deeply and try to get it ...

 Why can't I take deep breathes?
I've been to the doctor many times, they suggest things like anxiety, but i know it isn't.
When ever i attempt to take a deep breathe I cannot complete it, it feels like something ...

 If you inhale a pine needle.?
My brother told me that his girlfriend told him that if you inhale a pine needle, a pine tree will grow in your lungs.
So folks, is it true? Will a pine tree really begin to GROW INSIDE YOUR LUNG...

 Every morning i wake up and spit brown mucus and it is sometimes bloody what is it?
i dont smoke and tell me what it could be and i have no other symptoms
Additional Details
i know its not blood cancer for ...

 CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?asthma/panic attack question?
I suffer from panic attacks and lately have been having more but it feels like I cannot breathe...could this be asthma and if it were, can asthma attacks "stop" on their own? Thank you ...

Will Benadryl help with cold symptoms?

Laura B
most likely not Benadryl is for allergies your better off with like dimatap

Lawn Man
anything with Pseudoephedrine in it will help. But you have to get this at the pharmacy counter now because of the people that were making drugs with it.


xcountry ♥
Well I have not found anyhting that really improve symptoms except thing that knock you out.

If that's all you have available to you right now, then yes, feel free to take some Benadryl as it will alleviate some of your symptoms.

Yes, it will help your nose from stop running. It will make you drowsy though, so its best to take at night to help you sleep.

Yes. Benadryl Allergy relieves symptoms of allergies, hayfever and the common cold. I personally take nothing but Benadryl at the onset of a cold, and I find it works great. They do have Benadryl Allergy & Cold, which helps with sinus congestion, a sore throat, fever and headaches, as well as the symptoms regular Benadryl alleviates. However, if Benadryl Allergy is all you have at hand, it will help relieve your cold symptoms all the same.

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