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Why is my inhaler not working?????????????
My blue inhaler is not working,I still take my brown morning and evening, but I only have to stand up and walk 5 yards and I am out of breath.When I saw my doctor he prescribed another inhaler (bricanyl turbohaler) so I am now taking 2 ventolin,1 becotide and the new one every month.
If anyone out there has the same problem I would like to know.
I am normally not a person that takes things willy nilly,but I am getting to the stage where I think I am going crazy.
All I want is to lead a normal life, and take my prescription responsibly.OK I have had asthma for the last 12 years but I seem to be taking too much medication I used to be able to go out shopping, but I am getting to the stage where I cannot go out.
I even asked the chemist and he told me to take the brown (preventative) more often which is more medication.
If anyone can help me it would be appreciated..............
Additional Details
Panda M
As I said I have had this a long time,this has only happened in the last 3 months

Frank Heyes
Have you checked the batteries??

Panda M
its just your bodu getting used to it...... i dont like the fact that u said u cant lead a normal life with Asma i have Asma and i i can lead a normal life i compeet in sports!!

This may, or may not help, but try taking antihistamines. (over the counter hayfever/alergy remedy ones) When it is hot weather I seem to need my sabutamol (blue) inhaler a lot more than usual. (4-5 times a day when usually less than that in a week) and at start of the hot weather this year, I got itchy eyes so took antihistimes and my breathing seems to have got sooo much better, could just be coincidence, but worth a try if it works.
(I also find chewing on airwaves chewing gum helps, there really strong and good for opening the airways)

Hope you get better soon, good luck

Your lungs are obviously struggling at the moment have you had a chesty cough lately. Does your doctors have a asthma clinic, make an appointment and have it checked out. I have had asthma 19 years and generally doesnt bother me too much but when it gets like yours it usually means a short course of steroid pills to pep your lungs up. Back to the doctors i'm afraid and get this sorted - it shouldn't be like this.
I have heard deep breathing exercises and swimming all help to strengthen your lungs ( and even regularly gently blowing up balloons!)

BOUDICA !!!! (*) (*) (*)
im the same. i was just told to take my preventer more but it does not help. i have to carry my blue one everywhere now .

♥ Crys ♥
Ok, first of all slow down on the inhaler. Talk to your doctor about possibly taking Advair a purple inhaler that is s maintenace medication to prevent you from having to take so much. There are also medications like Singular and other meds that work as maintenance. Key is to talk to your dotor. Also maybe switch to a nebulizer instead of an inhaler. Some people don't realize that they aren't taking their inhalers properly and therefore they aren't getting as much medication as they should. A nebulizer is kind of fool proof. You just have to take 10 minutes or so to take the treatment. Asthma can be overcome in so many cases. Its a matter of taking the right meds the right way. You need to get in to your doctor and talk about adding the inhaled and oral steroids and changing to a nebulizer. Hope this helps.

kevin c
I was in the same condition as yourself sometime ago. I explained this to the nurse at the asthma clinic and she changed my inhalers, morning and evening I have Serevent which is a purple inhaler, i have Atrovent 4 times a day which is a white inhaler and I use my salbutamol when needed. It changed my life around considering climbing a flight of stairs before the change left me breathless. I hope you find a solution that will benefit you as much as mine did

I have asthma since I was born (that's over 40 years). I was on a blue inhaler first called Bricanyl (which I still take now and again. The blue inhaler wasn't working on its own so my doctor prescribed a brown inhaler called Becotide 50. This is a preventive inhaler that I have to take 2 puffs in the morning and 2 puffs at night. After been on that for a while my body grew used to it so then my doctor increased the dose and put me on a stronger inhaler called Becotide 100. That's the one I am on now. I am also taking a small red tablets six times a day and a Ventolin inhaler which I just take now and again also because my asthma is getting worse. If you stop responding to your usual medication, it means your body is growing used to it and you need your mediation change. If your asthma is getting worse it means you need extra stronger medication to give you relief. The information I have given you is based on my own experiences. I hope this helps you. Have a chat with your doctor and get him to explain it more to you. Good luck.

dels replies
I have CO PD which is another name for emphysema or chronic bronchitis. I take 3 inhalers. Seretide 500 twice a day. This is a steroid inhaler which prevents lung infections and reduces any inflammation.Also a dry powder inhaler called spiriva which uses a capsule of Tiotropium powder to give long term dilation. This is one a day.I also have the blue Ventolin inhaler containing subfamily which I take as required. Some days quite a lot ,other days not so much.I also am limited to how far I can walk or what sort of tasks I can do.I can still go out,drive my car, but need to park close to the shops. I do my own shopping but find it an effort to carry the bags from the car to indoors.The trouble with respiratory diseases is that the medications can only try to alleviate the condition. They cannot cure it. Unfortunately the condition gradually deteriorates so the sufferer can do less and less for themselves. What can you do but follow your doctor's advice and take your medications. It is so frustrating to want to do simple things and you can't. I have to rely on my son to cut my lawn and for one of the kids to move any thing a bit big or heavy. I now find it hard to put the dustbin bag out once a week.I am trying to drive around ,see places and people as I don't know how much longer I will be able to .You Can only take each day as it comes and do what you can

Sylvia C
I noticed that I was starting to overmedicate some time ago. I also reasoned that my inhaler usually lets me down when I am stressed or apprehensive about something. After a few very serious episodes, I tried a different tactic. I found that if I sat down and concentrated very hard on taking just one breath at a time, the crisis tended to diminish.

I then searched through these experiences to determine what could possibly have triggered them off -- in other words, what was I stressed or apprehensive about. This exercise helped me to become conscious of the problems that triggered the reaction, and to talk myself out of reaching crisis point each time I could sense the beginnings of an asthma attack. It's great to be in control again.

I think you have now reached the point where your greatest fear is that your asthma will prevent you from living normally. On that basis, you will have constant stress and apprehension, and you need to break that cycle.

I'm not at all sure that my path can be your path. But perhaps you can take some comfort in knowing that if there was a solution for me, there has to be one for you. Good luck.

Dr Frank
Over the last 3 months something has caused loss of control of your disease. This might have been triggered by a viral infection, or possibly a new allergen has entered your life. The cause is probably academic, though it might be sensible for you to have an up to date chest X-Ray to exclude rarities. I assume your GP has already performed a new set of PFTs on the practice vitalograph, so that he can monitor your FEV1.

You should not be using Ventolin ( salbutamol ) at the same time as Bricanyl (Terbutaline ), as they are the same type of drug just made by 2 different companies.

Becotide is the oldest and weakest of the inhaled steroids. You would almost certainly get some improvement with a change to a more modern drug, ideally in a more modern and reliable type of inhaler. Pulmicort ( Budesonide ) is a significantly better drug and also comes in a Turbohaler. It is now most frequently given in combination with Formoterol in a single inhaler called a Symbicort Turbo. This combines steroid with a 12 hour, long acting lung opener in the one inhaler. ( A valid alternative would also be Seretide mantioned in another answer, which is a similar steroid/long acting Beta-2 combination)

Even if you wre fairly well controlled some doctors might say your current therapy and inhaler types are quite dated.

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