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Why does my daughter nose bleed even without touching her nose and even it is not hot?

I see you
Look around and check for signs of Cocaine usage?
Or take her to a doctor next time it happens.

Nose bleeds are usually caused by dryness, which isn't always a symptom of heat. Very cold climates can also be very dry, since most of the moisture is taken out of the air.

Some people are more senstive than others to this issue, blood vessels just being closer to the surface, if this is occurring in your home you could either look at putting a humidifer on your central heating or just buying a portable humidifer and placing it in her room.

Hope that helps!

She needs to see an ear, nose, and throat Doctor. The same thing happend frequently to my nephew. It turned out that he had a blood vessel that had a defect and was fixed by laser in the office without surgery. It made for a much happier boy.

Mayo Clinic general health specialist Kenneth Berge, M.D., and colleagues answer select questions from readers.
Occasional nosebleeds are very common. The lining of the nose contains many tiny blood vessels that bleed easily. However, if you have frequent nosebleeds — more than once a week — or if they are heavy and hard to stop, you should consult your doctor.

There are many reasons why nosebleeds occur. Common causes include:

Dry nose
Nose picking
Vigorous nose blowing
Blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants), such as Warfarin or aspirin

Allergic rhinitis, Cocaine inhalation.

mom of a boy and girl
I agree with forever lost!

Some people have a tendency towards nosebleeds. Both my dad and my son have that condition. They can just be sitting in a chair and all of a sudden blood comes dripping out for no apparent reason. Several things that help are 1) drink plenty of water to keep hydrated as dryness can be an irritant, 2) keep her fingernails cut short, it may sound kinda gross, but some children will unknowingly (or do it in private) pick their nose and long fingernails may nick a blood vessel in their nose causing it to scab and then re-bleed, 3) put a small amount of Vaseline just around the opening and slightly inside of the nostril, this helps to keep the area protected and moistened. My son is now 25 and he still has nosebleeds although fewer than he did when he was young. It is worth it to mention the nosebleeds to your daughter's doctor the next time you are in for a check-up. The doctor will probably want to look in her nose to see what is happening. If she has a nosebleed that won't stop or if it bleeds a lot and has clots, she should be seen by the doctor right away.

lainey lain
You didn't mention her age! If it's frank red droplets I would have a Doctor check it out, if it's to dry for her it would be dry caked blood. When in doubt it always safest to have a Doctor diagnose the problem. Peace!

She could be sensitive to dry air.

Or she might be borderline diabetic: When I was young I used to get nosebleeds every time I had too much sugar.

Good luck!

I don't know exactly the reason why but it may be the weather (not including the heat. maybe because its dry) I'd advise for her to drink more water and get her Daily Vitamins in. :]


Eva Rose Martin
i don't know i have that 2

Irish Eyes
Some children have veins in their noses that are very close to the surface. Any irritation or dryness in the air could stimulate a nose bleed. Generally, they will outgrow the condition over time.

It's probably dry, try using a humidifier in her room. If it doesn't get better try seeing a doctor.

dryness and altitude can both contribute to nose bleeding. i get them when i'm really dried out (e.g. from anti-histamines)

she might be sensitive to the dry air. get a humidifier it might help

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