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 My dad has bronchitis and i'm really worried?
i looked up what it was on answers.com and it said it was a disease mainly caught by smokers (my dad smokes) and it says it can cause death. i have no idea what it is but i'm so worried for him. ...

 Don't smoke , will you or won't you?
which one ??

will you or won't you?...

 Do Christians believe in antibiotic resistant bacteria?

 My mom has advanced stages of Emphysema. Is there anything I can do for her?
Natural cures, new treatments, anything?...

 NHS Hospitals.They got Matrons now...what a joke?
The Matron in my Mom's isolation room told the nurse to remove the cards from her window...because you could not see out of it.
My Mom had to ask the cleaners to mop under the bed and the ...

 Copd 02 sats in the lower 90s being less good for us COPD'ers?

 Can you hiccup if you're dead?

 What is impaired blood flow?

 What's the best way to get rid of asthma?
how do you stop having asthma? i tried exercise but i always feel short of breath in the process.anything else?...

 What can we do about asthma?
My partner and I both have mild asthma, and have run out of inhalers - so no help until tommorrow morning. Is there anything we can do to ease it naturally until then?
Thanks is advance....

 Do i have ASTHMA?!?
im 13 and i think i might have asthma. or maybe i have something else?? can someone help me?! heres what happens to me: whenever i exercise (mostly running) my lung tightens up and i cant breathe ...

 Quadruple bypass is needed and diabetes. .. a 50/50 Chance to survive?
is it really a 50/50 chance to survie to have this operation while you have a diabetes? shes over 50 years old a smoker....
Additional Details
few doctors already refuse to do the ...

 I went to the doctor and it's taking too long to get better??? I have sinus and bronchitis??What should I do??

Additional Details
Went to doctor last Friday. Took a shot, also was given prepcription for Doxcycline and an expectorant. I have been taking this and it has not gone away????...

 Smoking Marijuana...and Asthma?
I have never been a marijuana smoker till the last few weeks.During that time i have noticed that my asthma just dissappears and doesnt bother me at all...before the last few weeks my asthma would ...

 Seriuos question . I have shortness of breath and tight chest plus light head?
Has any body had these symptoms and got any answers?...

 An Asthma Question?
i use an albuterol inhaler prior to excersie and 1 -2 puffs every 4- 6 hours as needed. I just reciently had an asthma attack. I coughed for about 15 minutes before anything happened, then tightness, ...

 Cant breath well, and cant get a deep breath.?
(soone else) I can breath enough for just sitting around, but when I want to breath harder, I cant. I can only breath as if i was no active.
and I cant get a full deep breath. I am about to ...

 My daughter has finished taking meds for strep throat now she has a awful sounding cough does this sound right
and what can I do to ease the cough while she ...

 My wife has pneumonia and a recent x-ray discovered 2 spots about 2 cm wide. lung cancer?
she is mid 50's, 118 lbs, on thyroid meds and sadly a life-long smoker.
Additional Details
I'm sorry, i should have mentioned that we are on a waiting list to see the ...

 My baby (3.5yrs)suffers from cough & cold very frequently.Weather changes,he catches a chill and feaver.?
my baby (3.5yrs)suffers from cough & cold very frequently.Weather changes,he catches a chill and feaver.all blood reports etc. are normal. what to do to increase his immunity power<?...

Why do some people make watches stop when they wear them?
My friend has this problem, also she says some electric machines won't work properly when she tries to operate them. She has problems when using a computer or printer as sometimes they work for a while then just stop or go haywire. She is not a stupid or awkward type of person and has been supervised by other users.

margaret w

static electricity in the body-my partner has experienced exactly the same thing!

I too will have such problems. It could be because they just don't understand how does electronic stuffs works. It just doesn't interest them.

Because of static electricity buy a wind up watch it worked for me.

I've got the same problem. It's a high level of static electricity in the body, I've been told.

It is because they have a very excessive amount of electrical energy in their bodies. It also happens to people who are very psychic. One person of that type told me that she gets rid of her excess body electricity by touching objects, such as wooden walls, wooden desks, trees, etc. Some sick people can be healed when people with excessive amounts of body electricity touch them on their sick body parts. Most or all of the electrical appliances that people with excessive amounts of body electricity use, touch, or sit or stand next to or nearby will temporarily or permanently stop working properly.

Your body uses small electrical currents to actually keep you alive (heart pumping, breathing, thinking, nerves, etc.). Some people have more of an "outward" or stronger currents then others. This can interfere with some electrical items. It is not that rare to have this effect on watches and phones, etc. To have an effect on a printer is unusual as they are usually electrically shielded. Hope this helps!

Here Comes the Sun
I have often wondered this too and also, why I keep getting static shocks that are so strong they crack and sometimes emit a blue light. I look forward to reading your replies!

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