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its always something.
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im not overweight.<...

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no darling my name is Patricia but not Leon ...

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its not like tonsillitis or anything like that it just a nasty bug

but iv got my driving test on tuesday and im past the cancelling cut off so if i cancel now im loosing almost £60

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there was a large white spot on the lung x ray....

Why do my lungs hurt when I take a deep breath?
Why do my lungs hurt when I take a deep breath?

Suddenly this morning when I take a sort of deep breath (like a sigh), my lungs hurt.

It's not muscle type pain, it's real strange... it feel like my lungs themselves are sore / inflammed.

Yet I have not done anything that might cause such an inflammation. I am not a smoker nor do I have asthma.

This is not in the location of the esophagus and stomach, it's my lungs.

I don't even have a cold...

What do you think it could be?
Additional Details
How can you get bronchitis if you didn't have a cold?

I thought you only get it after/with a cold, no?

there are plenty of things that can occurr on their own , some very serious too, that will make this hurt. get checked asap.

You might have gotten A Phenomia virus or Bronchitis virus you don't have to have a cold to have something called walking Phenomia. It is very serious see your Doctor SOON.

Maryam B
You might be developing bronchitis. Check WebMd for info.

Sometimes, you can get inflammation of the pleural lining. This is the lining of the chest wall and the lungs. This is called pleurisy. Pleaurisy can effect anybody and can become extremely painful. This pain can be anywhere along the chest wall and can be inspirational or expirational. I would suggest with any chest pain that you see a doctor immediately. Chest pain is not something to mess with because other things can be going on. Some things like Myocardial Infarction. Pneumonia or pneumothorax.

Bronchitis or Bronchial Asthma can be caused by allergy which need not necessarily be the common cold variety. Please get it treated and then learn Pranayams and Meditation for long term solution of the problem.

some of these answers might scare you so dont worry for nothing!!
i get the same thing from time to time.
sometimes this happens when you gain weight and lose rapidly only to gain again.
this pain is natures way to show you that gaining and losing is not normal
and that you should maintain a healthy weight for your height and to have a well balanced meal.

you probably have bronchitis...it's an upper respiratory infection of the lungs. You need to see a doc to get it treated. That way they can give you something for the inflammation.

You don't have to be sick in order to have a respiratory infection. It could be as minor as allergies, molds or pollen in the air that irritated your lungs.

Instead of bronchitis, it could be pleurisy, however that usually causes sharp pains especially when you breathe. Either way, you should get it checked out with your physician.

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