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Mixed Nerd
Why do i keep coughing so much?
i was sick last week ( the flu you know, sneezing, coughin, runny nose ) well now i feel better, energy wise, but why do i keep constant coughing. I mean my friends dont want to be around me cuz it sounds soo disgusting. I tried airbourne n no help. So what can i do? cause im getting tired of it too!
Additional Details
i drink alot of liquids but no help, so yea...

you probably have allergies.you should try that first.if it doesn't work then i don't no what to tell you.sorry for your coughing.hope you fill better.oh pick me as best answers please.

maybe you have a problem with somthin and here`s some advise GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wat u lookin @
same thing happened to me , after the flu ,

mine was a build up of mucus in the lungs ,

i went to the doctor and got antibiotics,

before you go to bed rub vicks vapo rub on the bottom of your feet and then put on socks.no more coughing.remember all your nerve endings are in the feet.

GO to the doctor

get you shot of clear whiskey and drink it straight down dont hold it in your mouth, and it will make you cough real hard but it will bring up all the cold that is in you chest

your coughing might be cause by infection due to flu. it may also be from your running nose. you might also have an allergy. best remedy is drink lots of water and rest. you must see your doctor.

Roy B
its a infection, orrrrrr just take some claritanD or whtever its called, u may be allergic to something in ur house.
hope i helped

drink lots of water but not too much

Well i think it because you might not of goten rid of it all the way , also i think it might be apart of the air because there might be something in the air that might be causing you to cough

Did you do a round of antibiotics? Are you coughing up phlegm? Does it feel like it's in your chest? If so, you probably need to see a Drl and get a prescription of antibiotics. I had it a couple months ago. Also, if it's a dry cough, it could last 2-3 weeks. Try cough drops with Zinc in them like Cold-Eeze(spelling)? And, vitamin C. But, if it's bad enough your own friends can't stand it, then I suggest going to the Dr. You could have walking pneumonia among other things that need treatment to get better.

K here are the home remedies that have worked for me... weird as they sound

Once i tried this for a tickly cough...

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground Ginger
1 Tablespoon honey
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
2 Tablespoons water
Mix and take by the teaspoon.

But my mom had a bad cough this week... she was told to
... put vicks on the sole of her feet and then put on a pair of sock and go to bed... it was riduculous i know... but it made her cough much better (not gone but a lot less like from constant to one in a while with an occasional clear throat!)

you used to be a heavy pot smoker thats why

you didn't have the flu unless you had high fever and nausea,vomiting or diarrhea. you may have a bad cold or you may have bronchitis. there are viral and bacterial types of infection so go see a doctor.

GlenEllen L
Maybe you got the cold

I just read in a magazine that it is very common for people to keep their cough for sometimes up to a month after being sick.

Other than that I would call your MD. Sometimes a cough can signal asthma or your "flu" could have morphed into bronchitis or pnemonia.

I hope you feel better and your friends let you socialize. You could always wear a mask.

Take care!

PS: try a teaspoon of honey it's supose to ease a cough!!!

beach blanket babe
anyone with the flu wil have a cough for a while,thats the last symptom to leave your body.its nerve wracking i kow.

Shalka W
you may have pneumonia, a common lung disease or you may have allergies or asthma. you should see a doctor.

take medicine. have a bottle of juice drink with you always. if you feel like coughing drink some.. so your throath wont get dry that causes you coughing too much

what may help: is a air thingy that you put water in i cant pull up the name
you put it up at night and it helps your dry nose or throat thing be more mostorizing hope you get it! tell me if oyu dont ill explain more!
get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sounds like a bronchial infections.....go to the doctor!!!!!!

Ivan Drago
My advice would be to go to the doctors. If it isn't anything serious (which it probably isn't, I cough more during the winter apose to the summer), they will recommend something for you to do.

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