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 Could this be asthma?
This sound disgusting but here I go. For years now I have been coughing up green/brown thick phlegm every day, noon and evening. At times I even find it hard to speak as I feel so 'clogged up...

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 Quit smoking?

 SMOKERS/EXSMOKERS have you ever tried to quit?
What did you try? did it work? Why or why not? if not why did you keep smoking....

 Im 23 yr old and have been smoking for 12years,currently on 40 a day have tried quitting but cant.i need help?

 What's the cure for asthma?

 I can't breathe and I can't afford to go to the emergency room.?
What do I do? I have no insurance, no income, nothing. I'm going tomorrow to apply for public aid but if I asphyxiate now that won't do me any good.

Is there a way that I can go ...

 I gave up smoking a week ago, my chest hurts????

 If you run out of your "rescue" inhaler what should you do if you...?
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 Home remedies for dry cough?

 I can barely talk this morning any ideas to help my voice come back a little bit?
I have to be to work a hour and a half and my job consist of talking on the phone. I have already missed a day and half because of this really bad cold I have. I am very congested and I cant stop ...

 When does the smoking ban start in the uk?

 How do you shut up a non smoker?
some people just wont ever shut up about smoking, please help me out....

 Anyone know how to get rid of hic ups?

 My work place has an asbestos roof, Is asbestos only dangerous when it's broken up?

 If you are around second hand weed smoke but you don't smoke will you still drop a dirty?

 What is the solution of Asthma in daily life?

 Hi, i have an audition soon but i have all flem in my throat, is there any quick remedies to get rid of it?

Additional Details
I DONT SMOKE THANK U VERY MUCH, oh and i have tried coughing it out but its making my throat sore....

 What happens if everyone pass gas at same time?

 How did you quit smoking??

Why do I get a headache after smoking a cigarette?

breeze baby
becuase your inhailing poison into your body...like duh, doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out

because the nicateen isnt good for you and its like posion and so it effects your brain causing you to feel light headed

ur smoking thats why, quit man it kills u u are such an idoit for even starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that means smoking is not good for u
good time to quit

You are drawing to deep and to fast. Slow down. Smoking is not a race to get done. It is to be enjoyed slowly. That answers your question. My Question to you is you are young and have not smoked before that is obvious. So do not be STUPID and stop now before it becomes a habit.

Do your body ...(lol and head,) a favour and stop smoking.

riloh keen
because you're a pusssy, obviously.

Your # 2 loser
"Doctor it always hurts when I touch right here" the patient said. "Then don't touch there no more till it heals" the doctor said.

That's your body telling you how stupid you are to smoke a cigarette.

Because you're inhaling a bunch of noxious gases that your body is not designed to breathe. You think maybe your body is telling you something?

Hand puppet pet
Your sinuses are acting up.

Jessica T
If your not used to smoking then it will give you a headache.

Thats your sign

You smoke and get a headache but you not smart enough to give up smoking

smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels in your brain as you are inhaling carbon monoxide gas the diminishes the blood flow to the brain

a heart so big
because it's poison and you're not used to it.

coz its baddddddddddddddddd. STOP smoking

when you smoke, and the chemicals flood your blood, sometimes a headache is actually caused because the chemicals are gone, and your blood is able to flow a little better, bringing more oxygen - which is a shock. think of a scab, and your blood is thick. now, you take two aspirins every hour for three hours. if that scab comes off, it'll bleed for a while because the blood is flowing free

the problem with that theory is that carbon monoxide can take 8-16 hours to leave the blood stream

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