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 Every morning when I wake up i always have phlegm and have to spit it out. What does this mean?
At first it is a little, with yello, and sometimes green. But just a tiny bit is green. Then I spit out white saliva the rest of the time because my throat isn't clear. I have had repeated ...

 Has anyone ever went on a PCP trip???
just wondering, have any stories u saw while "under the influence"?...

 Asthma or heart attack?
what's the difference.. lately i feel shortness of breath,chest pain, feeling dizzy that i would faint, feeling thirsty/dry mouth..

no pain in my arms, jaw etc..
Additional D...

 How do you get to sleep, when you have the flu?
I have the flu, and my cough has gotten really bad, and it's worse when I try to sleep. I've taken plenty of cough medicines but they don't seem to help. I try to lay sitting up some, ...

 My girlfriend just lost her sister of 23 to cystic fibrosis?
Hello, my girlfriend has just lost her beautiful 23 year old sister to CF. Its really really sad I was just wondering if anyone has any advice? Or has experienced anything like this? My girlfriend is ...

 How can you ease a sinus infection without taking meds..?
there killing me......

 Could i have asthma?
ok well it hurts to breathe and its hard to breathe after i work out sometimes or when im by the Helotes fire...I also kinda wheeze...could i have asthma? My friends with it say i do but im not sure.....

 I had Bronchiolitis when I was a child, is there a chance of it coming back or does it just go away?

Additional Details
NOT B...

 I am on prednisolone and gained a huge amt of wgt. how can I lose it?

 Painful Sore Throat only in the morning.?
I'm a 25 female. I have been waking up every morning with a very sore throat and very swollen lymph nodes in the throat but within an hour of waking up the pain and swelling are both gone. I ...

 I stopped smoking but?
i finaly stoped smoking after 20 years and every one said i would feel much better and i do but i dont understand why i feel so tired all the time and why i dont eat any more than before stoped ...

 My boyfriend snores like the lion king, even with the nasal strips!?
PLEASE help me - I met my ex-boygfriend of 8 years on the net, and we're getting on so well - apart from the fact that he snores really loudly, like the lion king - to make matters worse I have ...

 Annoying snoring boyfriend
what can i get or do for him so i can get some much needed sleep?...

 Is it really that difficult to quit smoking?
What is it that makes it difficult exactly? I don't mean to sound stupid or put any smokers off but I really don't know...I've never been addicted to anything....

 Do you smoke Ciggarettes? ?
Do you want to quit?
Or, are you just saying it.......

 Strep throat with a severe cough?
I have strep throat, but my main problem is I cannot stop coughing and it hurts really bad. They are dry (I know there is mucus there I just can't cough it up) and the heaves really hurt me from ...

 What are the effects of snorting deoderant or other inhaler type things?
i have to do an essay on drugs for my biology class and there seems to be little information on this, thanks....

 What types of food and drink should you eat/comsume in order to releave sore throat and cough?
I have been taking medicine, but that doesnt really help the pain of my throat at all times, and when i cough it kills, any suggestions? I tried warm tea, which helped alittle. any others?...

 Tonsillitis, question how bad have you had it?
Went to my doctor Tuesday night, unable to swollow solid food,painfull to drink also pains in the back of my neck.

Doctor gave me course antibiotics, for tonsillitis 4 days on (Friday) ...

 How do i stop coughing?
I cant stop coughing its almost like its a dry hurting coughing when it does come i become very hot and it does on and on... i have to go to work tomorrow. is there nething out there that when i ...

Why are common cold symptoms worse in the evening?
Looks like I've got my annual cold. Is it just me or do others notice that the symptoms seem to get worse in the evenings and if so - who knows why?

Your cold is worse in the morning and evening because your body is at it's best in the middle of the day, all your senses are at there strongest but as it turns to evening your body starts to get ready for sleep and you feel the affects of your cold more.

Feel better soon

margie ♥'s you!
Really? Well, to me, they're horrific right when I wake up and then better as the day goes on. Odd... (I have a cold right now too)

Kaitlyn's mommy (BCA)
Everything is typically worse at night..from my headaches to my daughter's teething.
I always thought it was from your body being run down from the day.

Ugh.. I have one too right now and have the same symptoms. It seems to be worse in the evening. The only reason I can think of is that the body gets exhausted toward the evening just from daily activity, but it also fights off the germs, and they're working full speed, so it would stress the system more in the evening when the resources are down. After a few days, germ interactivity with your system levels and eventually decreases. Hmm... well, makes sense to me at least :-D

Hot Pink - yummy mummy to be
i only notice my colds being worse in the mornings after sleep, make sure u take lots of medication to get it gone asap

a beautiful lie
mornings and evenings i find it the worst, you tend to get more stuffy nosed because the temperature is colder outside.

the symptoms seem to get worse because by the end of the day, you are more tired than at the beginning of the day. therefore the symptoms are intensified.

because its usually cooler in the evenings and you are worm blooded, that is just a reaction, i don't know the cause, but its the same for me :(

Tracy R
There are 3 reasons this happens....

1st the pressures in your body changes as you lay in different positions. In the day we are standing and the pressure is equally distributed. sitting or laying down disperses the pressure differently.

2nd Our bodies are on a 24 hour clock cycle called the circadian cycle. Which means our hormones adjust to the time of day and slow down the systems at night. Some hormones Regulate our fever's and mask some symptoms, when they are low like at night, our symptoms RE-APPEAR.

and 3rd during the day our brain is so bombarded with stimuli that it has alot to keep it busy. At night or at periods of rest (when you wake up), it is not concentrating on anything except what is making the body feel like crap (so to speak).

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