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no darling my name is Patricia but not Leon ...

Why antibiotics are no longer as effective as they were inthe 1950's?

Antibiotics are becoming "over used". They are used in treating a lot of problems. Because they are being used a lot, people become "immune" to their effects...

...kind of like eating cough lollies a lot, and when you get a cough, they dont do anything to get rid of the cough...

Bacteria also evolve over time. So basically the bacteria can evolve to become immune from the anitbiotics as well.

Therefore antibiotics are not as efective as they were in the 1950's.

Bacteria reproduce quickly. They go through many generations in just a few days. Each generation who is exposed to the antibiotics and doesn't die, then passes on that immunity to each "daughter" germ it creates.
In the 1950's the germs had never been exposed to any antibiotics, so they immediately died at the first exposure. Today, after years and years of exposure to antibiotics the germs have grown immune. Remember that the strongest always survive and pass the immunity on to their decedents, making stronger, resistant forms of these germs.
Causes of this are:
Doctors over-prescribing antibiotics. Antibiotics don't help colds and flu, but parents and cranky sick people complain, and take drugs they don't need. Constant unnecessary exposure breeds "super germs" that are resistant to all antibiotics.
People quit taking the antibiotics when they feel better. If you don't take all the meds and kill every germ that is infecting you, again, the strongest survive and breed stronger, resistant germs.

I hope this helps.

Because they were either overused or misused and the different bacteria eventually became resistant to them.

Since the 1950s, many new antibiotics have come and gone. The main reason for the ineffectiveness of antibiotics is due to genetic resistance within the organisms they were once used to fight. Through the improper use of the antibiotics [which include not using the drug for the length of prescription (i.e. I feel better in 3 days, so why use it for 10 days?), taking the wrong dose (i.e. not high enough), or using the wrong antibiotic], the bacteria can mutate to become resistant and replicate hundreds of times per day to establish new populations in less than a week. These new mutant bacteria can spread their genes to their neighbors and set up completely resistant infections. Long story short, resistance is why antibiotics lose their resistance with time.

marvin d
Because living organisms have built up resistance against these antibiotics that make them no longer effective. However Bees produces a natural antibiotic, and an antiviral drug called; "Propolis" also known as Russian penicillin. Propolis has been effective against the HIV-1 virus, Lupus and Herp Simp 1. It is also effective if taken regularly, to preventing the FLU.

The drug companies known about "Propolis" for years, however, they withheld the positive results from the public because this drug is unpatentable, meaning that only bees can make it.

Drug companies are not in the business to make people well, they are in business to make money. If there were no sick people here on Earth, how would they make a buck. That is the primary reason why antibodies are no longer effective.

It is by design, so that the big drug companies can profit of sick people.

They become resistant and of course we totally over use them. Then they learn to adapt to whatever antibiotic was killing it and it evolves, becomes stronger. Then doctors and scientists come up with a stronger antibiotic. The cycle continues. The fear is a super virus evolving that they cannot stop.

Bacterias and virus's are evolving, new antibiotic's are being created. We have over used these antibiotic's over the years and they no longer are as effective.

Some times it is healthier to just not take the antibiotic and let the virus run its course. You kill everything good and bad in your body when you take antibiotic's. Try asking the doctor for local, topical treatments when ever possible when you have an injury and tell the doctor you do not want to take an antibiotic if you can help it. It is to your benefit.

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