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 Sinus infection? i neeeed help please?
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my muscles have been pretty achy too at certain points
stuffy nose
no fever
kinda tired today at certain points
i had ...

 Extreme sore throat for months.?
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 Were you aware that 80% of smokers don't get lung cancer?
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I've been dizzy.
and i feel like throwing
up am i sick? If so what
kind of medicen will help?...

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What is your personal favorite kind of cigarette?...

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 What is the best way to get off nasal spray?
I had a very bad case of the flu a few months ago, used Afrin for the congestion, and now whenever I stop using it I get so clogged up. I've tried one nostril at a time but it didn't work. ...

 My husband spits up a lot of nasty phlem.?
His phlem is gray almost black sometimes. I'm really worried about him. He smokes a lot of pot as well since he was 15. He'll be 23 next month. He doesn't smoke cigs though. We are ...

 I have had a tickly cough for a couple of weeks i've tried benylin dry cough bottle and it's not working.
Has anybody any home remedies which might be able to help.....

When you are hyperventilating, why do you breathe in a paper bag? Why can't it be another kind of bag?
When you are hyperventilating, why do you breathe in a paper bag? Why can't it be another kind of bag?

I know it has to do with breathing in the carbon dioxide but I once heard something about the reason it has to be a paper bag.. anyone have any details on this subject?

It is simply because most plastic bags contain holes. Which is useless when hyperventilating as it allows in oxygen.

Ally s
Breathing into a paper bag restricts the fresh air you are able to get. Without fresh air, too little oxygen is in the air you're inhaling. So, breathing into a paper bag dangerously lowers the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. There have been several documented cases of heart attack patients incorrectly thinking they had hyperventilation syndrome and fatally worsening their heart attacks by breathing into a paper bag. Where with plastic there is no air being let in.

Actually I think the reason to breathe into a paper bag, has more to do with being ablt to see the bag go in and out. it helps you control your breathing rate and slow it down.

hyperventilating is when there is too much oxygen inside of you. By breathing into a paper bag, you are breathing in the carbon dioxide that you breathed out. your body will then regulate yourself. Paper bag is so that you won't die. If you breath in a plastic bag and it gets caught in your mouth or nose, you will not be able to breathe and die. and then breathing into any bag of any type won't really help, now will it? :)

The paper absorbs moisture more than the plastic.

you need a bag that will keep the most CO2 in your system to relieve the problem the cells in a paper bag are closer together and paper bags are usually smaller so they trap the CO2 in the bag to get faster results plastic will do it also but not as effectively or as quickly

You could suffocate trying to breathe into a plastic bag.

There is enough of air penetration into a paper bag so you don't run out of air like with a plastic bag

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