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 I have a question about Asthma...?
I was diagnosed with Asthma yesterday... the doctors gave me a shot of steroids for the inflammation in my lungs and boy did they ever open up... my question is .. is it normal for steroids to keep ...

 I think i overdosed on my inhaler!?
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 Any doctors or nurses out there?
I'm scared,my mother had a really bad asthma attack,the worst one she's had in her life and she just stopped breathing all together.They say her airways are very tight right now and she'...

 How can I stop the tickle in my throat?
I sometimes get a tickle in the back of my throat, and when I breathe in it just makes it tickle more, meaning I cough for minutes on end.
Is there anyway I can stop this? Drinking water doesn�...

 What is Whooping Cough?
Could someone explain to me what whooping cough is.What is it? How long will I be off school? How will I get better? How long will it last? Any information would be helpful....

 Chest pain?
Sometimes, every few weeks, when I breathe, a sharp pain in my chest doesn't let me take a full breath. Its sharp. I stop it by breathing out when i feel it and it goes away. It only happens ...

 What are the symptoms for the elderly when they have fliud on there lungs and what is it??

 They said I had bronchitis, but cough still isn't gone?
I had a cough for about a month and a half along with stuffy nose. I went to the doctor, and they said that because the cough had lasted so long, it was probably bronchitis. They gave me some ...

 Albuterol inhaler?
I was given a perscription for an albuterol inhaler today. At the pharmacy I really wasn't given much information. Any tips on how to use it. I've never had an inhaler before. What'...

 I have recently started using a cpap machine.?
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 What is pneumonia?
my friend has it and i dont know what it is. is she going to die? she spend they night at my house on Sat. am I gonna get it?...

 Neighbor's Smoking Is Ruining My Health Quickly?
I've moved here a year and 1/2 ago, like my apartment and my neighbors, and am both physically and financially unable to make another move. I have asthma which usually doesn't bother me ...

 Is it too late for my dad to quit smoking?
he hasn't done it a lot for the past few years. he's 37 or 38 but looks like he's in his 20s.
Additional Details
oh yeah and he also likes to lift a lot and ...

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 Doctor said I had sinus infection but should I go for a second opinion ?
my question is that I have been feeling light headed and dizzy when moving too fast or standing up or just walking sometimes. I don't have a runny nose or any basic symptoms of a sinus infection....

 What can be taken for people that have asthma but have no inhalor?
Okay, so my mom's boyfriend has asthma but he does not have insurance so he can't get the inhalor. And at the pharmacy they gave him some Vick's Vapor Rub but it didn't do ...

 I have a really saw throat, its hard to swollow if im not on pain killers & i have a blocked nose, a cough?

Additional Details
i have been to the doctors, i am on antibiotics, he said i could have glandgela fever but unlikely but my throat started to hurt on sunday n has got worse....

 Is smoking pot healthy?
Its awesome but is it good for me?...

 Is there any cough medicine for toddlers that does not have antihistamine in it?
My son has a cold and keeps vomiting because he is coughing so hard, all the cold medicine that I use to give him has antihistamine in it, which was advised not to be given to children under 6. Is ...

When ever i walk even a short distance i get out of breath?
even walking 20 yards down the road i get a tightness in my stomach area and i struggle to breathe properly. i have had various tests and knowbodys seem to know what is wrong any ideas/sugesstions? thanks.

u need to do an ECG... well its the doc that wud prescribe u this...so go to a doc first...it's defenitely sumthing with ur heart!

Nikki A
If your doctor has ruled out asthma, then the tightness in your stomach could be due to your hyperventalating. Too much breathing through your mouth instead of your nose and mouth can cause you to swallow too much air, resulting in gas pains/stomach pain, and cramping, believe it or not. Next time you go for a walk, be aware of how you are actually breathing, making sure to breath equally through your nose as well as your mouth.

Something is definitely wrong somewhere. Have you had your heart checked out in addition to your lungs?

I have copd w/chf and this happens to me all the time... you can have xrays done of your lungs and dr can diagnose from there. good luck!

Do you smoke? If yes, stop it.
How is your weight? If you are upon your weight, go on diet.

If any of these is not true,... go to a doctor!

How old are you? Any personal or family history of respiratory disease? Swollen ankles? Persistent cough? Difficulty sleeping/need to sleep in a chair?

The difficulty breathing after exertion thing is telltale for CHF. But there are a hundred more answers needed to determine this.

Ski Freedom
The oxygen content of your blood needs to be checked
with a pulse oximeter. It's something most general
practitioners (Dr's offices) wont have. The hospital
ER has them. Cardiology & sometimes Dr's of
Internal medicine have pulse Ox meters in their office.
You will first be tested sitting quietly. Then your asked to
walk slowly then quickly. A pulse Ox reading of 95-98
is normal. Below 95 means your lungs or blood,
sometimes other things, have issues which need looking into.

The short list of common things which may cause breathing issues include:
1) stress/anxiety
2) Lung disease like Asthma, bronchiectasis,
emphysema, pneumonia,
& lots more.
3) Heart illness
4) Dyspnea
5) copd
6) medicines like radiation/chemo
7) overweight
8) Allergies

You might want to start with a Dr. of Internal Medicine
who has lots more training than a general family physician.
P.S. any chance your belt/clothing is to tight?
This isn't a joke for I've seen this with with women.

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