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Bob N
Whats good for asthma?
Gave up smoking three months ago and have been sooo sick since. Thought i was supposed to get healthy but can't breathe and have been diagnosed with chronic asthma, never had any of that while i was smoking, any advice please? ( apart from start smoking again)

Adrian T
Err Fresh Air? Or the Hollies Song The Air That I Breath!

You should consult a GP. The GP might give Ventolin inhaler & beclazone preventer inhaler medicine for you.

If you were a smoker, odds are it's copd

You'll need a few different meds than asthma

I was smoking 5 packs a day, it took over 14 months to start feeling better, In essence the more you smoked the longer it takes to get some of the crap out of your system

i suffer from asthma myself ,right now iam still recovering from an attack. i have to go for nebuliser wearing a mask attached to an oxygen .because sometimes inhalers alone seem not to work . i cough and it leaves me breathless especially at night . well i dont know what to recommend but as i live in malta and its so small theres not much freshair left.

marie s
if you where a heavy smoker then the chances are your lungs are "cleaning themselves" out, getting rid of all of the rubbish
i have had ashtma all my life, and have tried all different medication, you need to find a medication that works for you, but at a guess id say that ashtma will improve by itself
good luck

Firstly get an inhaler, then watch what you eat-bananas can clog the airways,too much MSG sets mine off,also don't drink milk on it's own-also clogs airways.weather can affect it-going out into cold air sets me off too.

Leah F
Chances are good the smoking was masking the asthma symptoms. I have had asthma since birth, diagnosed at 2years, back in the 60's. It is debilitating and you MUST take care of yourself or you will end up hospitalized and/or dead. It is very serious, don't mess with it.

Quit smoking, for good. Go to your doctor and get referred to a respiratory clinic, get a pulmonary function test, and find out how bad "bad" actually is.

Meds will be recommended likely, inhaled corticorsteriods, like Flovent, help long term with keeping swelling in the airway passages down. For daily therapy, I have been using Oxyeze with flying colours, best medication I have been on in 35 years. Short term "rescue" inhalers like Ventolin are good, but being dependent on them can increase your likelihood of being hospitalized, as the can be used too much.

It can take a long time to find your balance, I spent 35 years waiting for the right medications to be "discovered" and have never been healthier.

Good luck and cheers!

An inhaler should have come with that diagnosis. Coffee (STRONG) also helps; the caffeine dilates the airways (any caffeine will do, but coffee is usually the best source). Works like a charm for me when my inhaler stops working.

You should go and see your GP and be referred to the asthma clinic at your local hospital. They will devise you a routine and prescribe you medication. Taking inhalers such as Salbutamol and Becotide 200 will also bring the coughing under control. I have asthma myself and find these kinds of treatments work a treat! Good luck!

Dr Frank
I would like to know your age. I am a bit wary of your diagnosis, if you are middle aged with no past history of chestiness in your youth it more likely that your diagnosis is either copd or mixed copd/asthma.

You have given none of your symptoms nor any reference to any medication you have been tried on so far,so I'm stuck without being able to give even any general advise. If you are having breathing problems, your chest X-ray is OK and you are symptomatic and not getting any better( which is probably why you are looking for answers), though this type of problem is generally the remit of your GP, I suspect you should ask your GP to refer you to a chest physician.

Don't whatever you do restart smoking it is likely to make things worse not better!

You may have had asthma before and just put it down to a smokers cough. I presume that if you have been diagnosed that you have all the inhalers that everyone is advising. Asthma can be triggered off by all sorts of things and is thought to be an allergen in some cases. I have asthma and unfortunately I still smoke. When you give up smoking you can experience flu like symptoms and this may be what is making the asthma chronic. I am triggered off by air conditioning in a confined area. Also, by aerosols such as hairspray and any quantity of dust ( like when you empty a vac. The air fresheners that you plug into a socket are pretty bad irritants too. The best thing to do is note what the surrounding conditions are like when you have a bout of breathlessness and try to eliminate the irritants that way. It isn't a pleasant thing to have and at times can be embarrassing when in public but if you use your preventative inhalers correctly this should help your problem. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.

I just gave the same advice to another question but here it isagain; please go to this site & type in asthma.
Also avoid dairy.

Michael P
Keep clear of anything with a diesel engine.

If over weight lose it. Avoid smokey pubs or clubs. try to keep your bedroom dust free, and most important take what ever medication your doctor has prescribed for you. I find Seratide the best for my asthma. Good Luck

Wise S
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You should see a doctor about getting your asthma under control!

If you have any pets that live in the house with you, the doc may recommend getting rid of them (sad, but true - and I can sadly vouch for the fact that it does help).

There are medications now (namely the Advair inhaler) that can be taken twice daily to PREVENT asthma attacks. Your doctor can help you find measures that are appropriate for you.

It's no fun to have asthma! Good luck to you!


Asthma can be controlled. You can do it! When you know how to control asthma, it no longer controls you.


Asthma is a lung disease. It can be life threatening.
Asthma is chronic. In other words, you live with it every day.
Asthma causes breathing problems.
These breathing problems are called attacks or episodes of asthma.

It's important to:

Take your asthma seriously.
Take your asthma medicines as directed.
When asthma symptoms don't improve, get help.

"I cough a lot while I exercise or even when I rest after exercising."
"I have shortness of breath."
"I make a wheezing sound when I breathe."
"I feel a tightness in my chest."
Do you feel this way sometimes? Any one of these symptoms may mean that you have asthma. You can have one or more of these symptoms or even different ones. Symptoms are clues that let you know that you are having an asthma attack.


Often symptoms get started or "triggered" by something that bothers your lungs. These things are called asthma triggers.

There are many kinds of triggers. They can range from viruses (such as colds) to allergies, to gases and particles in the air.

Given this range, you may find it hard to figure out what starts your asthma attacks.


Once you find out your triggers, you can do something to prevent your asthma attacks. This gives you control. The result is that when and if you have attacks, there's a good chance that they will be less severe and you won't have as many.

For example, do you get an asthma attack after you've exercised? If you do, you should tell your doctor. You can get help.

You can still exercise when you have asthma, but you may need to take rest breaks while you exercise. If you know that exercise triggers your asthma, the doctor may tell you to take your asthma medicine before you exercise. This way, you can still have fun exercising without having an asthma attack.

There are other asthma triggers that you can get rid of or avoid. Good examples of these triggers are cold air, dust, feathers or molds.

Cigarette smoking is another trigger that must be avoided. If you smoke, you need to quit. Smoking cigarettes will make your asthma worse, and if you breathe the smoke from someone else's cigarette, you may get an asthma attack.

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