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Proud mom
What to help my three year old son with asthma?
My son is in preschool. It winter here cold weather. I don't know how can I prevent him getting colds this winter and we having really hard time getting rid of them. It could be weeks before they leave. Right now he going to the doctor with his cold today. I thought keeping him inside would help not getting a cold. The school policy that they have to go outside. He going to get a cold and he won't be able go to school with a cold. Want am I going to do. If he get a cold he going to miss alot of school. Want can I do prevent him getting a cold and his asthma so he won't miss to many days of school. Thanks

First of all, going outside will not give someone a cold. Being exposed to the germs will give someone a cold. Make sure that your son has good handwashing habits. Have him sing the ABC's all the way through while he is washing his hands. More than likely he will get a cold from the other kids at school. This is a fact of life. My mom never kept me home from school with just a cold.

As far as his asthma, the best thing to do is keep him on the meds prescribed by his pediatric pulmonologist.

Kids will catch colds and get sick. It is part of life. It is our jobs as parents to protect them from what we can protect them from and pray that God handles the rest. Hand washing is the number one way to avoid those nasty germs.

A lot of young children start to get colds when they start school. It's a sort of weird way for them to build immunity. Teach your son to wash his hands after using the bathroom and before eating as a way of cutting down on the germs. Work with his doctor on the asthma. You might want to ask about a portable nebulizer that you could use at home when your son is congested. And ask about some of the long-term asthma drugs like Singluair, which come in a children's dose (chewable) that your son might be old enough to take. Also learn what your son is sensitive to, in terms of food or the environment, that may trigger an asthma attack. Good luck! Plenty of parents are fighting the same battle.

My son was born with asthma, I did keep him bundled up much to his discomfort however, we had few colds. I also, kept him (per the Doctors orders...on Alupent...NASTY TASTING STUFF) I think they have better solutions now for asthma. Keep his room at night alittle warmer, and keep him bundled, or in Fleece clothing which helps him stay warmer. Also, make sure he is getting the vitamins that his body needs, check that with the doctor, they can do a test to see what he needs more of. You might have to be very persistant here with the Doctor to get the test. Air is dryer in the winter, so keep a Humidifier running in the house and or his room especially at night. Keep a pot of boiling water on the stove too. This puts moisture in the air, and it does make a big difference in an asthmatics breathing. My son slept thru the night with the humidifier, otherwise, I was up every couple hours checking on his breathing. Good Luck....also find out what he is allergic too....Allergy testing via the Doctor...It was 6 years before I found out my son was horribly allergic to catlike fur (rabbit, fox, mink etc) and CATS. A rabbitsfoot carried by a classmate several seats away from my sons desk kept him in an asthma problem for weeks and weeks. Many people just dont realize the difficulties when someone has allergies. You have to find what is the cause and work on that with the Doctor.

My son he 3 and he has asthma. He get it bad around the colder months, We couldn't figure out the problem, We took him to are doctor. They said he had asthma, They gave us a breathing machine with a albuterol Sulfate 2.5mg a small amount because I was concerned about the meds. well it is about the best thing that they put him on for the asthma.

Smart Nurse
No Bounce or any other dryer sheets
No Febreeze
No Glade Plug-ins
No Perfumes
No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing of ANYONE that comes in contact with him.
No Smoking
No Dander
No Sprays

Raise A Healthy Child By Living In A Healthy Home

There has been a dramatic increase in the prevalence of asthma and other allergic diseases over the last few decades which are now major public health problems and an enormous burden on health care resources.

Common manifestations of allergy include asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, and food allergy. Subjects with allergic diseases are usually atopic,and develop sensitization to common allergens. Having said that atopy is only one part of the oh so very complex allergy Spectrum.

The disease course of asthma is influenced heavily by the home environment and the exposure to multiple potentially harmful compounds may begin prenatally and continue through childhood. Observational studies have suggested that an intense exposure to a particular allergen, during pregnancy could increase the risk of offspring being sensitized to that allergen and having allergic asthma. It is now known that allergens can pass through the placenta and sensitize the foetus.

Solutions for these exposures are available and should be actively sought out by all. Knowledge gaps exist, in particular concerning the development of the complex nervous system of a child in the milieu of multiple exposures

Examples of harmful home exposures include lead, which can be a particularly harmful neurotoxin along with other neurotoxins,such as pesticides, which work by poisoning household pests and affect similar metabolic pathways in children. The quality of air and the presence of mold, ETS, and pet dander in the home contribute to or detract from the health of a child.

Homes contain a myriad of products, chemicals, and objects that offer exposure hazards to children. The 5 categories of substances most frequently involved in paediatric exposures are cosmetics and personal care products, cleaning substances, analgesics, foreign bodies, and topical agents. So as a parent you should make a conscious effort in knowing what it is exactly you are bringing in to your home and making sure your child is safe. A note should be made here about a common indoor work activity for youth across many industries which is cleaning and use of cleaning products. Acute exposures to disinfectants and sanitizers usually involve inflammation, oedema, and burns not to mention the development of respiratory problems and increasing chances of developing cancers.

Target your focus on primary prevention. So instead of filling your home with anti this and anti that medications(secondary preventions by treating the symptoms)simply avoid exposing yourself and loved ones to agents that are suspected or known to be harmful. Remember brand loyalty kills and you do not need to be rich in order to be smart and stay healthy.


juss keep him in tha warm temperature @ home n make sure u send him 2 skool n some warm clothes so he don't get 2 cold...and he should be fine my cousins tha same way...

Jimmy P
Try to keep your home in a warm temperature. And when you send him to school make sure he has enough clothes to keep him warm. For his asthma make sure that he doesnt get really tired. thats all i could think of. hope this helped.

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