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 Can't breath at night?
A few minutes before I woke up, I couldn't breath and all because my face was covered by pillows. But I couldn't wake up! That's the problem. Is it possible that I could die because of ...

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 My Father has a nasty habbit of caughing up flem. This time there is blood mixture. What is happening to him?
My Father is 48yrs old and most of his life he's suffered from flem in his lungs. When he hacks it up and spits, it sounds so gross I HATE it everytime I hear it. Sometimes he'll get it ...

 Where are the exchange of gases take place? clue:nose,mouth,air sacs,windpipe,ribs,lungs or diaphragm?

 What did the doctor mean by this?
I took my 3 year old to the ER last night for a 103.9 F temperature & a cough. They did a chest x-ray and the doc said "it was a bit fuzzy" and he put her on antibiotics. Did a bit ...

 Iv got a cold and im stuck at home! Tried everything - honey and lemon, vit c....?
...covering your head with a towel an breathing in the vapours. Still feel absolutley rotten and am watching jeremy kyle :(

What can i do?...

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 Can infants or toddlers under 4 years of age get strep throat?
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 I have Bronchitis and......?
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very sore when breathing in deeply/lying down/got ashma/lung feels like it wants to burst not serious enough to go to A and E yet/can breathe shallowly/ my breathing tube and throat feels tight and ...

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 What causes crackling sounds in the lungs?
It happens when I have nearly finished breathing out. Haven't had it before and I packed up smoking 18 years ...

 I need some TLC, I am getting a cold. Did the tea thing, any other subjection.?

 Why some people consider vaccination harmful?specially for children?

Caryl <3's Zac Efron!!!
What is worse, the flu or pnemonia?

Pneumonia is worse, because its and infection in the lung And it brings on flu-like symptoms.

pnemonia is far worse. My dad got it once and he was sick for almost two weeks in bed. He was off work for two weeks and it took him a long time to get his strength bad. He did get better. However, to some little kids and to some elderly people this can be fatal. The elderly get hospitized every year for pnemonia. I hope that this helps you and if someone you know has pnemonia plese take them to the doctor or hospital for medication so that they can get better.

crazy person
pnemonia. it causes the stomach, intestine, chest, too hurt alot.

Tracy S
Definitely pneumonia. I was hospitalized for it when I was little cause it was so bad and they didn't know what was wrong with me. They thought I had spinal meningitis and I had to have a spinal tap. I have had it a few times as an adult but it wasn't as bad as when I was a kid.

They both can kill you but I personally think that pneumonia is the worst.

I say flu. People don't realize how dangerous the flu really is and try to go on with their normal lives. The flu can kill you and it kills many people every year. I've had pneumonia and the flu also, but I think as far as what feels worse... definitely pneumonia.

both are bad but pneumonia is more life threatening

I have had both -- (in fact, I am trying to recover from the stomach flu right now.:(

I thought that having pneumonia was far worse. It took me well over a month before I stopped feeling so weak and lethargic. And the coughing! It was really horrible.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling much better with the stomach flu by the weekend; it hit me on Tuesday.

i vote for pneumonia considering the fact that its actually killed people.

With pnemonia you may need to be hospitalized if it's not treated correctly.

They both can be very dangerous, but since the flu is more widely spread and probably more life threatening. I will say the flu is the worse.

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