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 What is shortness of breath?
Is it just that you have to breath deeper? Or does it mean that it's harder to breath?

Like if I go out running and I'm not in shape. And I have to breath deep to get enough ...

 What can help a 3yr old breath through the night without gasping for air?
for 3 months my grandson has been unable to get a good nights sleep because he cannot breath through his nose, he stops breathing the gasps for air after a few seconds,his heart rate is poundind all ...

 PLEASE HELP.....i have been sick since the 22nd. (be serious.)?
it started as a burning feeling in my chest. i said it feel like i was breathing fire. then it turned into a cough. and it has stayed a cough for almost a week and a half. i have NO runny/ stuffed ...

 Does bronchitis cause wheezing?
My one year old just started antibiotics for bronchitis and has been on it yesterday and today. But I noticed today he is wheezing a little bit and I'm concerned it is something more serious....

This is not cool, my back hurts on both sides where my lungs are, chest hurts, allergies have developed as well. (cant breathe through my nose, eyes runny & puffy).

This is my second ...

 Isn't cold out side?

 I think im having an anxiety attack?
my chest is getting tight,i cant breath well, and i my heart is bouncing all over the place
what should i do???...

 Why is it important to stop smoking before you have a surgical procedure?

 Sleep apnea?
lately i have been waking up in the morning feeling if i didnt even sleep!
i dont drink caffeine, i make sure my room is dark and all those other things
my mom thinks i might have ...

 My mum is 64 and has a sore throat, a bad cough and an aching jaw, what could it be?

 How to prove my mom?
okay i recently had a cold, it lasted about 2 weeks.i had a fever a week ago..i would hack up mucous out of my throat..and now im better, im alot better, i can breathe, i dont have a fever, i have ...

 Best climates for a child with chronic asma to live in?
I'm planing to move and i need to know where it is best for my lil girl....

 What does it mean when your average pulse rate is no less then 100 at rest like just relaxing in a chair?

 Why are they doing this scan?
i had i searious ashma attack a yr ago and been seeing out patients ever since they now want to do a high thorax scan does any one know what this should ...

 Is the smoke from a burning incense same as second hand smoke from cigarette?

 How do i reduce my high after smoking weed? how do i make myself stop feeling baked?
when i smoke i get high really fast and i get really screwed up i can barely control myself is there anything that you know that can reduce the high is there something i should drink or something ...

 Is it ok to give your dog kids cough med my dog has been coughing really bad?

 Is there a certain type of climate that is better for someone with asthma?

 For some reason i just coughed and spit out a little blood. what is wrong with me?

Additional Details
and i have to force myself to burp....

 Can i get disability for high blood pressure and sleep apnea?

Killer K
What is the difference between air we inhale, and air we exhale?

Exhaled air is warmer and contains more water vapor.

Pooja K
air we inhale is oxyzen........&
air we exhale is carbon di oxide.........

Luna* *
in= oxygen
out = carbon di oxide

Archana G
the air v inhale is rich in O2 i.e Oxygen and the air v exhale is rich in CO2 i.e Carbon-di-oxide. actually our body cells need Oxygen for proper functioning which is supplied to them by blood(carring the oxygen too).the oxygen reacts wid glucose at each cell n results into energy n sum other products n the Oxygen after the reaction is converted to Carbon-di-oxide which is then again carried by blood to heart n then is exhaled.

Chris A
We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees and plants do the opposite; that's why we need our forests. They supply us with oxygen

The air we inhale is a mixture of different gases, nitrogen (78.09%), oxygen (20.95%). The remaining 1% is made up of argon (0.93%), carbon dioxide (0.03%) and other trace gases (0.003%). Water vapor (water in its gaseous state) is also present in air in varying amounts. The air we exhale is carbon dioxide, because our lungs just exhales carbon dioxide, it does not even process it.

we inhale oxygen.
we exhale carbon-di-oxide

There is a lot of difference between air we inhale and air we exhale. The air we inhale has more oxygen content while air we exhale has more CO2 i.e. carbondioxide content.

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