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 Does marijuana have any damaging side effects? by damaging i dont mean lung irritation.?

 Major cough, weakness....what could it be?
2 weeks ago, I had a cold, then about a week ago, my cold went away but the cough was still there. and the cough is like nonstop, I can't stop coughing, I constantly have a tickle in the back ...

 What is the best way to get rid of congestion from flem on your chest?

 I have chest congestion that will not go away, causes breathing difficulty, what could it be?
breathe heaving in morning hearts beats fast....

 Oh no! Is there anything I can do?
At a track meet yesterday, my son and I were drinking from the same water bottle. Well, we had 2 bottles that looked identical and they got switched around by accident several times. Right after ...

 How i stop smoke?

 Gas or fumes that render you unconscious?
Is there any kinds that you know of that a criminal has used?...

 I need a diagnosis!?
About to weeks ago a had a normal cold sniffly nose sore throat, dry lips etc. it went after about 2 days but the cough never went :( i have had it for 2 weeks now but no other symptoms of cold. I ...

 Chest pain?

Additional Details
constant like pulling pain on my right side and just started today no recent history of and heart ...

 Can you live without one lung? or do you have to have both?
I am very curious about it....

 If someone has a lot of phlegm in their chest and it's causing breathing difficulties, how do u get rid of it

Additional Details
But if someone is choking on their phlegm then what is the quickest way to get it out, or to loosen the phlegm?...

 Lungs hurt from smoking pot?
Hey this is a question for any smokers out there....I smoke pot 2-3 times a day and I've been noticing that my lungs have begun to hurt when I smoke and when I wake up in the morning.


 I wake up towards early morning with a pain in my left chest deep inside and my heart beating abnormally?
I have no problem breathing and I try to exercise regularly but I do get some form of chest pain now and then. Advise what I should do....

is t b ...

 What is asthma?

 How can I get rid of this bad cough?

 Am i gonna get sick?
my seatmate has colds, and i think he spread the 'germs' and now i have colds and my throat hurts, my throat is REALLY dry and everytime i swallow it hurts. when i woke up, my head was ...

 Can my doctor tell my mom i smoke ?
im 15 and im going in cause im sick and i want to know that when i take the pee test thing if the doctor can tell my mom ...

 How do people in an IRON LUNG go to the bathroom?
I just recently found out what an iron lung is. To my understanding, this device helps patients breathe who otherwise would be unable to. But where does the waste go??? Can they ever leave the ...

 What could be wrong with me?
I can't breath deeply without needing to cough , I have mucus or something in my chest and cant seem to get it away .. I have tried benelyn and it hasn't been working ..
what could it ...

What is the circumference of a large neck?
I work as a sleep tech. and many articles list a large neck as a possible indicator of sleep apnea but I can't find a circumference listed.

Ynot me 2
18 inches wait you want neck size don't know thanks for the points

15 inches

Check shirt collars.. I think 16 or 17 is a normal.. where as 19 r 20 might be considered large..but not 100 percent sure on the sizes. It's normally overweight people that have apnea I believe, so do your own study..start measuring your patients necks

i used to work in mens clothing and big and tall sizes start at like 18 18/12 inches that is a pretty large neck size so anything larger than that


Intelligent Donkey
common neck sizes in men's dress shirts range from 15.5 inches to 17 inches...depends on the individual...smaller and larger are not uncommon

Mine is 16 or 16.5 inches, which is considered large.

Derek W
How long is a piece of string?

large neck,or fatty celled large neck are two different things,a lot of disorders are correlative to diet and behavior,anyway,i weigh 150"5'6 and wear a 16&3/4 necksize,i little larger than norm. mens oxford style shirts are fitted at the neck and come in many sizes. go to a online tailor site and cross reference sizes(sm.,med.,lg.,etc.)with popular neck sizes if ur really interested in data.

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