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 I have sinus infection and I need help it's been 2 months and it's not going away can you help?

 How dangerous is it to have a baby with the blood problem due to lupus?

 Which body parts are part of the respiratory system?; and wich part is part of the digestive system?

 I am getting over a chest infection. I have 1 pill left and for the last 2days everytime I cough I vomit HELP?
this is really driving me ...

 ASTHMA question...Does anyone else have or know of asthma like this?
1. Unbelievable amount of coughing daily (4 hours)
2. more phlem than you can imagine!
3. black outs
4. can't laugh or you black out
5. can't sing anymore (I'm a ...

 Lung cancer with no symtoms?
If you are 63 and you find out you have lung cancer that has spread throughout your lungs, but you have no symtoms, how long do you usually have to live?...

 What is the precentage of Americans who actually smoke?

 Im having my tonsils taken out...who knows..?
how long my recovery time is? And how long will I be in the hospital, overnight or...? ect....

 What is the best way to change the chain smoking?
I am a chain smoker, I want to stop smoking. What is the best way to change the chain ...

 Air pockets in my lungs?
I have just had a CT scan on my lungs due to numerous trips to hospital due to suspected plueresy. I have just found out that i have air pockets in both my lungs. The doctor daid that it might be ...

 I can't keep my 4 year old completely healthy....HELP!?
I have introduced good eating habits and excercise to my 4 year old daughter and she never seems to be completely healthy. She is an asthmatic and has been since she was 6 months old. Pneumonia has ...

 Sinuses: CT or MRI?
Which scan is more reliable in diagnosis of sinusitis?
I have each and every symptom of sinusitis and allergies on top of that and yet ct of sinuses came out normal.How else can the frontal ...

 Need an alternate medicine for obtructive sleep apnea apart from surgery?
My wife is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, her upper airways both through nose and throat narrowed and her oxigen rate while sleeping comes down drastically to 40%. Suggested surgery but not ...

 What is the best cough meds for my kids, that wont knock him out?

Additional Details
I meant to say wont knock them out....

Hi i Got dared last week to smoke a cigarette. i did it and it's been a month now that im craving cigarettes like crazy. I told my friends about it and they just laughed and said that 1 ...

 Is it possible for me to not get a flu or throat-burns again in my life?
i know an apple a day keeps the doctor away..
but i'm sure there's more, yeah?...

 Do i have asthma?
I've been having difficulty breating over the last week particularly at night. It feels like I can't get enough air into my lungs and my throat and chest feel tight. I went to my doctors ...

 A dramatic/pay-attention starting sentence for a smoking campaign.?
Here is some info to help:

A cigarette contains about 4000 chemicals, many of which are poisonous. Here are some:

Nicotine: a deadly poison
Arsenic: used in rat poison <...

 Ive been on the streoids for nearly 4 years?
ive been on thee prednisolone for years its only a small dose now but i was on 60 mg be for beacuse of my kidney problem now im on 5mg but im ready to have kids but im scared that if i stop them im ...

 I work in tourism and do lot of travel.i'm unable to eat or sleep sufficiently and my health is at risk.help..

Lou S
What do people smoke in glass pipes?
I found a small glass pipe in my sons room a few days ago, are these pipes used for smoking speed or only for smoking Ice? Please help

most comnily small glass pipes are used to smoke weed other names are grass,smoke,green,fire,krip there a bunch but if it has black resin in it and it smells like butt then more likely it iz weed if u send me more info on size,shape,smell i can help in to futher detail


Yogi Bear
usually for drugs. They get poor and need to get the resin out of the pipe. Then they can smoke the resin.

even weed

♥ Sarah ♥
Glass pipes can be used to smoke:

Do me a favor and pray that he isn't doing Ice or Crack because those are very hard to get off of.

it depends on what it looks like, if it has a bowl, it is for maijuana, if it is a long glass tube, it is for things like crack, meth, coke, etc.... or maybe even heroin, but mostly for speed... beat his butt!!!!!!

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