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What do low oxygen levels mean?

Additional Details
Mine are 85% and I am only 40 years old. Should I be worried?

geostrom b
it means that your breathing is not good go se a dr right away...

low oxygen levels are most commonly associated with pulminary issues. My son has chronic asthma and this is the number one way we know what level of attack he is having. I'm not sure what the norm is for an adult but 85% seems rather low. See your physician to determine if there is an underlying health issue. It's not good for your brain to have low blood saturations. good luck

Your oxygen level is quite low. There are a lot of different causes of low oxygen saturation: problems with the mechanics of the lungs, unequal blood flow in the different areas of the lungs, problems with oxygen diffusing from the lungs into the bloodstream, heart problems, hemoglobin problems, and unlikely things such as breathing gas that does not have enough oxygen in it.

If you already know your oxygen saturation, you have probably seen a doctor already about it, and hopefully he or she is working on figuring out what is wrong. If not, you need to see a doctor right away. And in the meantime, see if you can be on some oxygen at home. As the other poster said, you don't really want to go around with an oxygen saturation of less than 90.

Good luck, and I hope it all gets straightened out soon.

I have copd and I am on oxygen 24/7. When my levels drop under 90 it is very difficult to breathe. My lowest reading was 81 and I could not walk.

Your reading should not be that low. What does your doctor say? You are in some type of lung problem. A problem such as this also affects your heart and how hard it has to work. This is nothing to be taken lightly...........

It means the person is not getting enough oxygen into their lungs.

gizmo's pal
your sat. level should not be lower than 90. see a doctor and good luck.

Ok, first of all, check the obvious, do you have poor circulation to your extremities?, were your hands cold when the reading was taken? are you sure the machine was getting a good reading, ie, was your pulse rate coresponding to what the machine was saying. Alot of people get freaked when a saturation turns up low, often times it's not accurate due to one of the problems above. If it is accurate, your doc should order an ABG, that is the only true test to determine the level of oxygen in your blood.......

s l
that means you have less o2 in your blood then you should have .
o2 saturation is measured easily now with a device put on a finger. max is 100% at 96 or 95 a person will be having some troubles breathing.
the cause of this can be all manner of things asthma . smoke inhalation. age a child will if healthy have 98 to 100 % o2 Sat's.
emphysema is another cause of lower o2 levels as is cancer in the lungs. the number of things that can cause a temp drop in o2 is enormous . long term o2 low levels are treated with medication and some times oxygen treatment.

low oxygen levels mean that there isn't enough oxygen in the blood...This can be caused by ,,, low hemoglobin( not enough red blood cells)

Also might mean poor lung cpacity

My oxi readings are around 94, 90 is where BCBS pays for Oxygen, 88 is where Medicare pays for 02

low oxygen levels means that you blood saturation levels are low. That the ratio of oxygen verses carbon dioxide are not where they should be. Your lungs are not filtering / replenishing the oxygen levels in your blood stream.

could be the reason why your so tired lately. You could have a sinus infection or cold. It's never good for your oxygen levels to be off for any reason.

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