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matthew d
What could make you feel like you cant get a full breath of air?

Lots of things, asthma, pnuemonia, copd, lung cancer, running, fear......to mention a few. If it is a long term problem, ie, going on for more than a week....see a doctor.

Asthma or allergies. Any lung disease. Go to the DR. and have test run. I have asthma and it is only seasonal about 3 mos out of the year and allergies bring it on. Especially cedar pollen.

Emphysema, lung cancer, scarred lungs from pneumonia or bronchitis. See a pulmonary specialist.

Barring any underlying known medical cause....There is any number of reasons, and factors....Could be allergy's, maybe smoking too much, overweight out of shape, hard to tell...if its bad enough go see a MD

You could have a rib out of place. Go see a Chiropractor. I had this not to long ago. Did not feel sick just felt like I could not get a good full breath of air.

These are all good answers. But they left out one. An elephant sitting on you chest.

technical difficulties
anything from panic attacks to lower respiratory infections... best thing to do if this is a frequent issue to see the doctor let them give you a few tests like blood and chest xrays.

you may have asthma and don't know it...? allergies... or something else may be happening... cancer or walking phenomena

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