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What can i do if my asthma is acting up, and i don't have an inhaler?
Additional Details
thanks everyone! my asthma isn't really serious right now , jus bothersome.

hot tea or coffee, or go in the bathroom and turn the hot water on full blast, and breathe the steam.

relax lie down, chocolate will cause a attack and so will the coffee so don't try those, practice breathing slowly

Jeff W

Darth Mutt
Soak a wet cloth with cold water, and lay on your back, put the cloth over your nose and mouth and breathe slowly. The wet rag is somewhat like a filter. DON'T rely on this saving a life... I know it just helps.

OMG!!! ok try chocolate-real cocolate like pieces of hershey bar, hot coffee, hot tea. drink as hot as possible. try honey to soothe throat. take hot shower breathe steam, will also help if it's from allergies. do you know anyone who has the same inhaler? advair? can you take a puff of theirs? i know your not supposed to but if it's full blown asthma attack you do what you have to do. if none of these works you had best get to hospital for treatment. this is possibly a deadly situation.

Drink a couple cups of strong brewed coffee.

"Evidence shows that people have used coffee in situations where inhalers were completely unavailable, such as when on vacations and on an airplane. Coffee is particularly useful in these situations, as the patients might otherwise suffer serious consequences due to their inability to breathe properly"

bill l
first off get away from any triggers . next drink coffee or tea. mostly clear with both but some milk and sugar is OK . tea is best if you put honey in it. Peppermint is good. staying calm is a huge help . you might benefit from being in an air condition place a car or house.
going for a car ride can often work wonders for a person . the change of air and just the ride often help.
now i am sure you know to take your asthma very seriously and don't under estimate how quickly it can become life threatening. do all of this and you should be OK too see your doctor in the morning.

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