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Snoring problem?
I start snoring as soon as i go to bed vid high pitch.I am 38 years.wt.87 kg.height 6 feet..
I want to get rid this problem.....pl help me out...

First consult an ENT surgeon to check for any deformity.

Have you tried Breathe Right strips? If that doesn't help, consult with you doctor. There is a procedure involving the soft palate that can eliminate or reduce snoring. You might also have a type of sleep apnea, so a bipap machine might be needed, but you should have a sleep study test to determine if either of these things are necessary.

I no that this is a real problem my ex use to snore and I had to use ear plugs to sleep. It isnt your fault. But there is someways you can try . You can use the noise strips at the drug store to help your open your breathing passage way. You can also try sleeping more on your side or stomache if possible. The next thing is you can talk to your doctor to have your adnoids out if it is this serious. But GOod Luck I no how you feel.

charu a
get a check up done by an ent specialist. how long r u having it is also important. if recent weight gain has been there then try to shed those extra kgs.

i will have to agree with the other's about sleeping on your side, seeing a doctor, sleep apnea AND Breath Rights are great... the other thing is to lose weight... however unsavory to you that might be.

Dave S
Those breath right strips are awesome

at almost any grocery store ask at the pharmacy or checkout.

Nancy B
Do not drink alcohol. This can relax you too much before bed. Also you may also have sleep apnea and not even know it. Especially if you are always feeling tired. When you have sleep apnea your body wakes itself so that you resume breathing. Also if you have sinus problems you have to breath through your mouth causing snoring.Maybe an evalation from a ear,nose and throat specialist can help.

Sleep on your side. If that doesn't help, see a sleep specialist. There are many anatomical things that make you snore, and if your snoring includes sleep apnea, it could be dangerous (sleep apnea = stopping breathing during sleep).

Mansoor S
may be it's because of your weight to overcome this kindly see to it that you sleep by your sides i mean don't sleep flat sleep by your sides left or right and you will notice the difference.

Go to a doctor and ask about sleep disorders. It sounds like the one my dad has, but I can't remeber the name of it right now.

It's Me
Have a sleep study done. You'll need to ask your doctor to refer you to one and write a prescription. You could have apnea and/or hyper-somnia.

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