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Sarah the Ballerina
Should you take a shower when you have pneumonia?
I have pneumonia and I was wondering if it was going to hurt me if I take a shower? Also what is the fastest way I can get rid of it?
Additional Details
by the way I am taking showers twice a day.

How well do you know him??

I had a really bad case of pneumonia last year and the only place I felt comfortable was the shower. Just take all your antibiotics in the way your docotr prescribed. You should be better within a week.

Uncle John
You'll be fine, if you take warm showers, (Hot but not so hot that you scald yourself), drink 16 ounces orange juice a day, relax, think positively and take whatever the doc said to take. Don't allow yourself to be in a hurry, to do anything, but do do your shopping, ect.

The only way you can know you have pneumonia is by an Xray. If you had pneumonia you would be on drugs to make you better. There is no "fastest way to get rid of it".

Regarding the shower thing. If you did have pneumonia there is no way you would have the stamina to take two showers per day. Pneumonia drains you and makes you extremely tired and you feel very, very sick and weak.

I don't know how you got your diagnosis, but if you feel as good as you say, you don't have anything to worry about because you are not that sick.

Um.... Shorten it down to once a day. Get a lot of rest , i hope you feel better and Happy Holidays

clean yoursel and it will let our body have one less thing to battle so it can focus on you pneumonia

I had pneumonia last year, and the hot steam really felt good on my lungs. Get well!

Definitely take a shower, it will not make you any sicker and you will feel much better.

you really have pneumonia and not just a cold / flu ? there is a big difference.

either way staying clean will only do you good, the less germs entering your body, the more your immune system can get on with the job on making you better.

Kelly o
of coarse u should u will feel better.Plus u could get a good night sleep

Take whatever antibiotics your doctor prescribes...all of them! A shower will not hurt you, but when I had pneumonia, all I wanted to do was sit in a hot, hot bath. Try using a vaporizer, too, which made my breathing easier and was generally soothing.

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