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 Ok i need to see a doctor about possible asthma...but i cant afford one what should i do my mother in law has?
been giving me her albuteral inhalor but now we are about to move , im scared im going to be in worse condition if i cannot afford to pay the emergency bill when that time comes help!...

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 Is it true that some people can get cough if someone with cough, cough in someone else's mouth?

 Anyone tried the new stop smoking tablets???
i have just started them!!!!!...

 What's WRONG with ME?
okay...i've been spitting out green stuff from the bottom of my throat...kinda like thick yellow slimy spit...except for it's green...I dont know whats wrong with me...HELP!!!!...

 I Smoked Plastic?
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 Singulair for allergy/asthma in children...?
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 Sleeping with a chest infection?
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 Have wheezing in lungs when breathing?
I have this going on 2 weeks, and most the time i clear it by coughing and clearing my throat, should i be concerned?
Additional Details
im young fit, i don't smoke either....

 Has anyone ever had a small yellow hard substance in the throat.?
i pay very close attention to my oral health, but i have sinus issues....

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 Had a sore throat start yesterday and it has seem to get worse. what have i got coming?
i recovered from a really bad cold about a month ago, and well i thought i had gotton rid of it.. i hope it aint another cold, cause the last one lasted for over 2 months, and i was off uni for 5 ...

 Will neosporin help an ear infection?
If I feel the onset fo an ear infection, will slathering the outside of my ear (Not the lobe, but around the entrance to ear canal) in neosporin ...

Should i use an inhaler even tho i dont have asthma?
Like when I train I get really out of breathe sometimes and i was thinking of getting on of those inhaler things to help me breathe

Sounds like you just need to work on your endurance and that's part of training. However, inhalers can help open up breathing passages. I would suggest consulting a personal trainer or doctor first.

Take it from someone with asthma...not all inhalers have steroids in them. Certain types of inhalers (including one called Albuterol) are used to treat exercise induced asthma. This one is a prescription medication, though. Either way, you don't want to become dependent on something if all you really need to do is train a little more.

No, inhalers have special medicines for people with asthma to help clear their lungs. Using one for training and with no disabilities is not good. Talk to your doctor, you are just out of shape. Train more, it will get easier. There is no shortcut.

You need to train more, and not dope.

Guess Who
Of course not, just learn to breathe better when working out.

No you shouldn't that would be very unhealthy. Your supposed to get out of breath when you run and a inhaler actually has steroids in it that help asthmatics lungs function properly.....

hecla 1
no Dr would prescribe an inhaler for that reason, and if you were to use someone elses know that use of steroids lowers the immune systems ability to fight infections, inhalers increase risks of upper respiratory tract infections, can cause damage to teeth with long term use, increase heart palpatations and a whole list of other side effects, and those are in people who take it by prescription.

no being out of breath and asthma are 2 different things, being out of breath means that you need to relax and get your breath back, having an asthma episode means that your lungs are constricting and only medication can release that. by taking an inhaler when you dont really need it wont help at all, all it is doing is pumping medication in your lungs you dont need and can cause damage or make you addicted to the medication, it will not make you recover from being out of breath quicker by any means

NO please don't!!!! They have steroids in them and can make you very sick if you use them and don't need them. You need to work on developing your lung strength and capacity. There are a number of exercises you can do to accomplish this. Asthma is a very serious condition that restricts airways by closing them--you are not having that problem.

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