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Respiration rate at 10 breaths per minute?
Is 10 breaths a minute ( resting) a normal respiration rate? If not, what should it be?

Yes it is normal. You were probably very relaxed when it was taken. Mine is normally about 12. Adults can have a respiration rate of 12-18 breathes per minute, so having 10 is a little lower that the normal, but it's not abnormal either. Some people just have a naturally lower heart rate also. Resting heart rates can be anywhere from 60 beats per minute to about 70. Mine is usually in the mid 50's and has gone as low as in the 40's. If you're concerned about it, ask your doctor. it just probably means you have nice strong lungs! :)

Do you want to slow it down, if so try some meditation to relax and try again

umm i think its more your pulse that you can tell from, idk how to measure respiratory rate, srry


That seems right, at least, that's what a First Aider is trained to put into a casualty during resuscitation.

We teach our CNA (certified nurses aides) that "normal" respiratory rate for healthy adults is 12-25.

However, if you are aware someone is counting your respirations, or if you are taking your own, you will breathe more slowly. My students practice on me by taking my respirations (and other vital signs) and I breathe at different rates to give them practice.

Wise One
Yes, ten breaths a minute is OK, the average pulse rate of an adult is also 72 to 77 resting. Oxygen saturation is 98% resting.

otis spunkmeyer
10 breath per minute is fine if your blowing off enough carbon dioxide and your maintaining an adequete oxygen level. it's on the low end of a book answer but like most bodily processes it's all about homeostasis

Lacey G's Stalker :))
As the last poster stated...

A healthy adult at rest, 12-20 breaths per minute is normal...

The only correct way to take a resp rate is another person counts when you are UNAWARE they are counting...

if you count them yourself or if you know someone is counting your rate... you will subconsciously alter the rate and it will not be accurate.

I don't believe that your actual rate is 10... if it is... thats a little too slow.

Certain medications may cause this. Have you taken anything recently that may cause drowsiness? Such as pain killers, Benadryl, or Cold remedies?

Let me know if you need more info...

Angie R.N.

just sat here for a minute, breathing and watching the second hand, and yes about 10 seems to be the same as me...whether that is normal is a whole other matter, though!
Have fun!!

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