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Punctured lung and broken ribs?
yesterday my friend was hit by a car and ended up with, brokeen ribs, a punctured lung and a fractured coller bone

how serious is this?

Fred W
Life threatening.

Don't worry he'll heal. It will just take some time.

something that is recoverable from, but serious enough to take weeks and months physically, longer emotionally and psychololgically. Knew a guy who was hit and run and needed pins in his feet and was lucky to keep his leg, and even after a year of counseling, he still was unable to fully recover in either way.

He'll be okay. He will be really sore. As long as he gets medical attention and follows doctors orders, i dont' think he will have anything to worry about. Best of luck for you and your friend.

Oreo Schmoreo
He's going to be extremely sore, but should recover completely.

Serious, but as long as he gets the proper medical attention and as long as he is breathing OK he should recover fully.

Oh, I'm so sorry about your friend. The punctured lung is the most serious. However, the lung is a marvelous organ and will re-inflate itself in most cases. With medical treatment and breathing therapy it will heal completely. The broken ribs will be the most painful and then the collarbone with less pain. Your friend should be well again within about four to six weeks.

Having a friend like you is the best thing your friend can have.

Kym-berly B
He is lucky to be alive. Many people who are in accidents with lung injuries die before help can arrive. His broken ribs are what punctured his lung, so those two alone are very serious. He is going to need to spend several weeks in bed and try not to move alot. He will make a full recovery with good friends to help him out. If he is single or married make sure you go over several times a week and help out. Who ever is caring for him is going to need alot of help. Try organizing your friends and his relatives into a schedule of helping out. Take over precooked food just before dinner, help him with housework and laundry. Drive him to Doctor's appointments.

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