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Passing out from laughing. Is this dangerous and is it caused from anything?
I recently recall blacking out and can only figure it was from laughing at a video on you tube. I remember coming to and was slumpped over in my chair on my left side and my right hand was waving uncontrollably. I was paralyzed temporarily, and could not control myself like i was watching but couldn't do anything. after what seemed a couple of seconds, I came to and tingled everywhere. It really scared me and can't find info online anywhere on my experience. I'm going to a doctor but was just wondering if i should be concerned or is passing out laughing common. For the record, I do remember watching a jim carery stand up routine and it was still playing when i came to so that had to be what happened. It still scared me though. Your thoughts.

it seems like you had a seizure when watching the film. if you passed out from laughing too hard, it would take a very long time for you to get to the stage of lack of oxygen to the brain and im sure your stomach would be aching like hell when u come around too. so i guess i rule out laughing too hard.

the thing is you cannot remember that you laugh so hard and my guess would be an epileptic fit or some sort of seizure. u should get urself checked out..

Well my friend you neglected to mention your age! But i think in my own mind, that what occured, was a passing shot across you bow. My advice is to get your doctor to carry out an ECG on you. Together with a BP test.

Grainov Truth
epeleptic fit is what comes to mind.

The Shadow
Not dangerous. It is actually from a lack of oxygen. When you laugh you do not breath deeply at all. You will find yourself gasping for air after a while then, if laughing continues, you will pass out from lack of oxygen.

I'm not really sure what your doing is caused by laughing. You hand waving and being paralyzed tends to lead one away from that. I think your about to undergo a few tests.

While the other posters here may be right, you may have had a vasovagal episode instead. It's a reflex where pressure in your head or abdomen puts pressure on the nerve from your brain that controls your heart rate. As pressure increases, heart rate decreases and so does the flow of blood (oxygen) to your brain. As the pressure decreases (after you pass out), your heart rate returns to normal and you come to.

Little old ladies do it all the time while sitting on the john, bearing down to have a bowel movement. Laughter could potentially do this to you as well.

I agree with the others, though. You should probably go to the doctor and get a thorough physical and make sure you don't have a heart problem or siezure disorder, high blood pressure or transient ischemic attacks.

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