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chesley v
Once you have tar in your lungs from smoking can it ever go away?
yup. MHM

Just recently some mad health guys* figured out that once you've started smoking hardcore then blam you're pretty much owned, damage doesn't get undone. So the idea is to not even start these days. So I'm guessing perhaps the tar may break down slowly but there will still be some funky damage to your lungs aye.

*like the health geezers in nz or WHO or something like that

Uhh. actually after more like 15 years. and thats if your lucky.
because where is the tar goin to go? dissolve? right...

Seven years after you quit smoking

yes but your lunge still aren't up to normal.
six months as a rule,give or take a month.
sometimes you end up with cronic bronchite.

Yes, the tar in your lungs will eventually go away. The amount of damage smoking does to your lungs will never change. Our lungs are efficient due to the great amount of surface area created by alveolar sacs. As tar fills these sacs, the tissue dies and cannot be regenerated.

Deborah A
YES! I don't care what people say, it takes years but it will go away. Smoked for 30 years and tar free!!

Muthu S
Better stop smoking. When continued respiratory tracts shrink causing inflamation & difficult to breath. tar comes out in sputum while coughing or under medication.If you watch keenly expectorated sputum have black spots.

Not unless zeolite can do the trick. You can buy it in Hawaii.

After 10 years, your cardiac risk is the same as a non smoker.
If you have damage to lungs, that cannot be undone, but it can be slowed or stopped from getting worse.
Tar will start to come up after you stop smoking. YOu will notice an increase in coughing after you stop. This is your lungs trying to get rid of some of the crap that is down there.
Congrats if you have stopped smoking, that is awesome!

Jim F
Seven Years?
Fifteen Years?
It might dissolve?
Hmmm.... Doctors?

While some things you ingest, inhale or otherwise absorb into your system may have different effects on how long they may stay in your body, depends on many different factors. The chemical compound and where it tends to store in the body both have an effect on it's longivity and this can also vary from person to person and their particular genetics. There is no set period, although there may be "averages" based on different studies.

However, the body is also designed to use or eliminate most everything that is "taken in" in the various forms of waste excretions.

If you have only been smoking a short period of time, your body may be able to get rid of the tar and toxins in a short amount of time. If you have been a heavy smoker for years, then you will have a much larger accumulation, since the body can't remove it as quickly as you are putting it in your lungs. Therefore, removal of the build-up of tar could take years... the actual number would be dependent on your particular body chemistry/genetics.

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